Dell support and drivers

Dell support and drivers

Dell support and drivers


Dell support and drivers

Dell support and drivers  website allows you to download device drivers, firmware and some software applications for your Dell PC, tablet, mobile device, printer, monitors, projectors, servers, storage and networking devices. 

Dell support and drivers

How to download and install device driver?

Download and install devices drivers or software by unknown sources, this device can not function properly, your PC may crash or booting into the operating system, or occasionally your computer may be infected with viruses, trojan or other malicious software.  

  1. Browse to Dell Drivers & Downloads website. 
  2. Identify your Dell product 
  3. Click Detect Product to auto-detect your Dell product. Follow the instructions to install the Dell SupportAssist app.  
  4. Enter the Service Tag, Express Service Code or Serial number for your Dell product and click Submit. 
  5. Select your Dell product manually by clicking on View Products. 
  6. Click Detect Drivers to allow Dell to automatically scan your PC and list all available device drivers. 
  7. Alternatively, you can locate device drivers manually using: 
  8. Keyword search box – Enter a keyword of the device driver you are looking for, example – BIOS, Chipset, Audio, Video, etc. 
  9. Operating System & Category filters – Select the operating system installed on your Dell PC and choose a device driver category. 
  10. Click the Download next to the device driver of your choice and save the file.
  11. Using File Explorer, browse to the location where the downloaded file was saved.
  12. Double-click on the .exe device driver installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Some device drivers may need to reboot your PC to complete the installation process. 

How to update a device driver?

When you install a new hardware device, you should consider updating the device drivers in Windows and do not automatically upgrade to Windows on your PC. 

Device Manager Error Updating device drivers such as error codes is also a good troubleshooting step or generating an error. In some cases, the updated device will enable new features for the hardware provided by the driver’s manufacturer. 

Device Drivers can be updated by downloading and installing the latest device drivers: 

 1. Windows Update – Some device drivers get updated through Windows Update. 

2. Dell Drivers & Downloads website or the device manufacturer’s website. 

Driver categories of Dell driver  

Device Drivers are sorted in ‘Categories’ on Dell Drivers and Downloads website. It allows you to easily identify and download a specific device driver according to the functionality of the device. The range of device drivers is different in different Dell products. Some common categories: 


  • Dell Quickset utility 
  • Dell Webcam Manager 
  • Fingerprint Reader application 
  • Dell Digital Delivery 
  • Dell Update 
  • Help & Support

Other factory-installed software or digital purchases may be available in one of the following locations: 

Dell Digital Delivery-When you buy a PC the software offers an easy and new way to buy. You can automatically download and install software titles available on the selected system. Everything takes an internet connection and a few minutes – so you can enjoy Dell’s customization without waiting and you can go back to work. For more information, refer to the Dell Knowledge-Basic article How do I use Dell Digital distribution? 

Dell Digital Locker-Dell Digital Locker allows you to view and manage your product, software and license information in one place. With Dell Digital Locker, you can download purchased software, access licensed software products, view software license rights and much more. For more information, you can contact us by filling the contact form

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