Dell Support Firmware

Dell Support Firmware

Dell Support Firmware




Firmware software program is permanently link to hardware devices such as a keyboard, hard drive, BIOS or video card. This program has been design to provide instant instructions for communicating with other devices and to act as basic input / output functions. The  Dell Support Firmware hardware is store in the device’s flash-ROM (read-only memory). 

It can be erased and can be rewritten. Having the best inter operability between OS and server is important to keep the server up to date and to avoid problems. To understand the changes and improvements made by the firmware, it is advisable to read the related release notes. 

Dell Support Firmware

Why to update firmware?

To ensure system reliability and total performance, it is necessary to keep the firmware up to date on your PowerEdge server. Generally, the Dell Support Firmware is available to improve performance / stability or to increase the number of features on your system; However, in some cases, firmware can solve critical issues before being downtime in your environment. When Firmware’s importance is marked as “immediate”, Dell recommends applying this update as soon as possible. Description and importance for Dell Support Firmware on You can refer to the driver and download section for your respective platform.

Step by Step instructions:

  1. Go to the Dell support site.
  2. Enter the Service Tag or manually select the model.
  3. Access the menu “Drivers and Downloads
  4. Select the Operating System installed.
  5. Locate and download the needed file (Driver or Firmware).
  6. Launch the file and follow the installation steps.

What is the difference between Drivers and Firmware?

  1. On a server, you can update drivers and firmware. Device driver software is a special type of application design to enable interaction with hardware devices. 
  2. Without the required device driver, the corresponding hardware device fails to work. Device drivers are operating system-specific and hardware-dependent.
  3. Firmware is a software program permanently etched into a hardware device such as keyboards, hard drive, BIOS, or video cards. 
  4. It can be erased and rewritten. Having the best interoperability between OS and server is important to keep the server up to date and to avoid problems. 

 Update methods

Easy to use methods for updating multiple components

Server Update Utility (SUU)Application run from the operating system (in-band) that contains all the update packages for Dell EMC PowerEdge servers. When SUU is run, it will determine what applicable updates are available for your system. Upon confirmation, SUU will orchestrate the deployment of the selected updates.

LifeCycle Controller Embedded Systems Management tool available on PowerEdge servers

Firmware and drivers update order

For practical reasons and system compatibility reasons, the firmware will be required in this order: 

  1. iDRAC Firmware 
  2. PERC Drivers 
  3. PERC Firmware 
  4. HBA Firmware 
  5. NIC Driver 
  6. NIC Firmware 
  7. BIOS Firmware 
  8. Power Supply Firmware 
  9. Hard Disk Drive Firmware 
  10. Chipset Drivers/Firmware 

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