Dell Support For Servers

Dell Support For Servers

Dell Support For Servers



SupportAssist Enterprise

SupportAssist Enterprise maintains 15,000 servers, storage and networking devices. It can be used as a standalone application or Open Management Assistant (OME), Open Management Enterprise or Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It can be downloaded on either a Windows or Linux management server. 

  • Windows management server  
  • Linux management server

Dell Support For Servers

SupportAssist for Enterprise Systems

SupportAssist Enterprise is comprehensive and easy to use, proactive and predictive, automated Dell Support For Servers technology. It automatically identifies hardware faults, creates a case, and initiates contact from Dell EMC to the customer. It can help streamline your support experience and resolve issues up to 72% faster. There is a SupportAssist version from the stand-alone server to fit most of your mediums or large data centers in many environments. 

SupportAssist embedded

SupportAssist is also embedde on select Dell EMC devices with PowerAdge 14th Generation (14G) Servers and PS series and SC series storage array. This version of SupportAssist has been preinstall and only monitored on personal device. 

Microsoft Windows Server OS Support

Dell collaborates extensively with Microsoft to ensure the consistent, reliable performance of Microsoft operating systems running on Dell PowerEdge servers.  For more information on the Microsoft Server operating systems supported on specific PowerEdge models, please contact. Need help choosing the right OS version for your server? Try the Microsoft Server OS Advisor. For troubleshooting information on the Microsoft Server operating systems, contact. 

Linux OS Support

Dell has a comprehensive Linux expertise through dedicated Linux engineering and technical support team. Many Linux distributions are supported by Dell. Get support from certified technicians.

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