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Dell SupportAssist

It is a Automated proactive and predictive support technology. Its better to solve a problem before it happens. Automated Proactive and Preventive Technology Support Assistant reduces your steps and time to resolution, most often looking for problems before the disasters occur. Benefits include: 

 1. Value: SupportAssist is available to all customer at no additional charge. 

2. Improve productivity: replace manual, high-effort routines with automated support. 

3. Accelerate time to resolution: receive issue alerts, automatic case creation and proactive contact from Dell experts. 

4. Gain insight and control: optimize enterprise devices with monthly ProSupport Plus reporting and get predictive issue detection before the problem starts. 

Dell SupportAssist Install

SupportAssist is included with all support schemes but according to the service level agreement the features are different.

SupportAssist for PCsWith years of experience proactively monitoring data centers, Dell is the first company in the PC industry to offer automated proactive and predictive support for issue prevention and resolution.

EnterpriseSupport Assistant for Enterprise Systems Remote Dell EMC offers remote access to the server, storage and networking devices, automatic system state information collection, automatic case generation, and active support on technical support. 

  • ProSupport Plus customers take advantage of the full set of SupportAssist features, including predictive issue detection and recommendation reporting, available on-demand in TechDirect. A recent study found that ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist can resolve issues up to 72%3 faster than with basic hardware warranty alone. 

Regardless of your service plan, SupportAssist allows you to:

  • Access your service plan details, owner’s manual, and a list of common issues and their solutions 
  • Run diagnostic scans to check PC hardware health 
  • Stay up-to-date with driver and software update recommendations 
  • Request support at any time 
  • Easily find Dell Technical Support’s call, chat or email details 
  • Premium Support Plus customers enjoy the full set of SupportAssist features. 
  • In addition, you will enjoy the full set of SupportAssist features including
  • Proactively finds issues and contacts Dell while notifying you 
  • Optimizes PC performance automatically 
  • Predicts hard drive, battery and solid state drive issues before the problem starts 
  • Automated removal of viruses and malware 

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