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Most hardware products and software products are covered below manufacturers guarantee throughout the initial quantity of use. If your product is under guarantee, the support services perhaps offered for complimentary. We recommend that you just contact the original supplier of the merchandise in such circumstances.


Technicians once necessary use third-party software product for diagnosis and fixing problems. The software tools used are from leading companies like AVG (AVG Tune up) or Microsoft (e.g. Microsoft Security Essentials) etc. All of these third-party tools are offered for complimentary that you just will acquire directly from these sites. The technicians does not cost for this software.


The Remote Support from bundled apps is powered by GoToAssist of Citrix which is a USA company. In computer networking, remote access technology permits work into a system as a licensed user without being physically present at its keyboard.


Please sit down with all Section “Exclusion from Services” within the service terms and conditions to make sure that you just totally perceive services that don’t appear to be enclosed in the the 1-year or half-year maintenance contract.


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