Download ASUS C202SA chromebook Driver


How to Download ASUS C202SA chromebook Driver?

The ASUS  C202SA is a good Chromebook for the same reasons that it is good for schools. Designed to be shared by students, stuck in classrooms and placed in the backpack, it is more than ready to handle accidental wear in your home environment. Most Chromebooks priced at $ 200 do not feel up to the job, but you have to work hard to make the ASUS C202SA vibrate. Sustainable design also makes it more fun to use than most business models. The ASUS C202SA is also water resistant. Asus says he can handle a small spill of up to 2.23 ounces as the bowels are protected by a solid plate lined with mylar under the keyboard. We did not test the company’s request, but we poured water on a few Chromebooks that were protected the same way last year and they survived very well. Most of them, however, cost more than the ASUS  C202SA.

ASUS C302CA-GU010 laptop

The ASUS C202SA is also designed to be repaired quite easily.  Because 12 screws stand between you and remove the bottom, plus several screws are waiting inside to remove the thermal module, the motherboard and the battery in order to access the other components. Disassembling the ASUS C202SA is therefore not something you would do for fun, but few laptops nowadays can be opened, so this is a distinctive feature.

The ASUS C202SA’s keypad is the standard Chromebook rate: Web navigation buttons at the top, standard alphanumeric keys at the bottom. That said, the keyboard of the ASUS C202SA is different in a few key areas (pun intended), namely the splash resistance, the movement of the keys and the size of the font.

It is good to know that the laptop is safe when the coffee flies away. The font of the ASUS C202SA is of a comic size, a supposed help to the new typist who might have trouble finding the keys. Unfortunately, the added benefit of the enlarged font size is negated by the blue-green color of the keys. In low light, the blue-green almost disappears. It would have been a lot easier to see a dull and old white touch color. The durability, affordability, long battery life and modular design of the ASUS C202SA Chromebook make it a good choice if you are looking for a kid-friendly computer and you do not need Windows. However, its slow multi-tab navigation can seriously frustrate anyone trying to work on projects or important documents in Web applications. For just $ 20 more, the Asus Chromebook Flip is a convertible chromebook with a touch screen and impressive multitasking capabilities.

 How to install ASUS C202SA chromebook Driver ?

Step 1: Download driver from

Step 2: Select Asus driver which you want

Step 3: Save the downloadable package in an accessible location (such as your desktop).

Step 4: Unzip the file and enter the directory you just created.

Step 5: Find and double-click on the available installation file.

Step 6: Allow Windows to run the file (if necessary).

Step 7: Read the End User License Agreement (EULA) and agree to continue the installation process.

Step 8: Follow the instructions on the screen.

 Specifications of ASUS C202SA chromebook

  1. 11.6 Inch Screen
  2. Processor – Intel Celeron N3060
  3. RAM – 2 GB
  4. Operating System – Chrome OS
  5. Optical Drive – No optical drive
  6. Colour – Blue
  7. Battery Life – 10 hours
  8. 1366 x 768 Resolution
  9. Warranty – 1 year warranty