Download Errors ps4

Download Errors ps4

Download Errors ps4


You may get error code ps4 NW-31456-9 on your PlayStation 4. This means that you may get PS4 error NW-31456-9 or PSN connection error NW-31456-9 / Psn NW-31456-9. This is a system error that usually appears if you fail to update the system firmware with the use of a USB flash drive. The PS4 error code NW-31456-9 could be due to an incorrect location, file name, and firmware version. In addition, this could be caused by the format of the USB flash drive. This problem itself appears as if it were specifically related to the update process with the USB key. There may be several reasons for this error, but the message you see with the error code does not inform you about the details of the error.

When you face this error, it tells you that “ps4 can not find the update file NW-31456-9” and when you run through the error logs, you will find an error code, the error PS4 NW-31456-9. Your PlayStation 4 system can not be updated using a USB storage device. This may be due to data stored on the USB device or the USB device itself.

Symptoms of an error NW-31456-9

In fact, in addition to the error message above that your database is corrupt, there are other signs that your PS4 database may be corrupted, including:

  • The game takes a long time to load, which is unusually slow
  • Your PS4 will not play a disc
  • It’s slow to navigate the menu
  • He stutters while playing

Solutions for Download Errors ps4

Solution 1: Check your PSN account

If you want to avoid this error code and access certain things you could not use before, you will need to check the email address you used to set up your PS4. This problem typically occurs for users who have just purchased their console and are eager to open it without checking their PSN account in the first place. Follow the steps below to resolve this problem.

1. Open your email application on your computer or using your favorite browser. Sign in to the email account you used to set up your PSN account.

2. Try to locate the PlayStation mail to ask you to confirm your email address and click on the link that was probably sent to you.

Solution 2: Create Another Account with a Different Email

Some users simply can not verify their account due to problems with PSN servers, so a logical solution would be to create another account and use it instead. If you have just purchased your console, this should not be a big problem because you will not lose any progress and it is almost certain that the error code will be corrected. Nevertheless, be sure to check this new account on time.

  1. Start your PS4 and go to New User >> Create User or User 1 on the PlayStation login screen.
  2. This should create the local user on the PS4 itself, not a PSN account.
  3. Select Next >> New on the PlayStation Network? Create an account> Sign up now.
  4. If you select Ignore, you can choose the avatar and name of your local user and play immediately offline. Access your avatar on the PS4 home screen to register later for PSN.
  5. If you are using this PS4 for the first time, go to User Profile 1 on the PS4 Home screen, enter your details and preferences, and select Next on each screen.
  6. If you are under 18 when you enter your date of birth, you will create a local user to play offline and you will need to have an adult approve your account later.
  7. Do not give an earlier date of birth, as it is contrary to the conditions of use of the NHP to give false information.
  8. If you are over 18 and would like to use your credit or debit card on the PlayStation Store, make sure the address you enter here is the billing address for your card.
  9. Make sure you have access to the email address you entered because you will need to check it.
  10. Create an online ID and enter your first name and last name. Your online ID is your publicly visible name that other PSN users will see.
  11. Choose your Sharing, Friends and Messages settings (three screens). These are for your account only; they do not affect what other users of the PS4 will see.
  12. If you are under 18, account creation ends here and you can ask an adult to log in with their account to allow access to the PSN or play offline until they do.
  13. Check your email and click the verification link. If you have not received an account verification email, check the spam and junk folders.
  14. If you still can not find it, select Help to edit your email address or ask us to resend the email. Select Connect with Facebook to link your PSN and Facebook accounts or Do this later.