Download Immunet Free Antivirus

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Download Immunet Free Antivirus

Download Immunet Free Antivirus

Immunet Free Antivirus Download

Immunet Free Antivirus is ideal for consumers who want quick protection without slowing down their PC, especially students, families and netbook users. You can keep your computer safe from viruses or malware by using this tool. It is an antivirus for your computer. Some of the features of this software include its fast action, light real-time protection, peer-to-peer equipment and community facilities. Immunet Free Antivirus is a reliable security software that protects your computer against malware using a cloud-based antivirus solution.

Immunet Free Antivirus

This software provides fast and lightweight virus detection in the cloud, as well as powerful tools to remove detected threats. Immunet leverages the speed of cloud computing to provide real-time protection for your PC. Immunet is up to 35 times lighter than traditional antivirus solutions. Immunet provides up-to-date cloud protection against viruses, spyware, robots, worms, Trojans and keyloggers without slowing down your PC. No need to download virus signature files. Immunet is compatible with existing antivirus products to help you better protect yourself. Add an extra layer of protection and light for free. Immunet Protect offers a single scanning mode, but also includes special protection against applications installed or launched without authorization. You can enable these options in the Program Settings menu.

Download and install Immunet Free Antivirus

  1. Download the file from the official website. Because it's an online installer.
  2. Run the file as an administrator and download the required files from the Internet will begin.
  3. Here is where you can install the program in another partition, and then click Install. You can save it elsewhere or simply click Install.
  4. The files will start to extract and it will take about two minutes
  5. The installation will finish.
  6. You can click Close and continue.

Features of immunet antivirus

  • After downloading and installing this program on the computer system, users are invited to choose from three types of analysis. They can choose Flash analysis (process and registry), custom analysis or complete system analysis.
  • The main feature of Immunet Free Antivirus is to protect the computer against viruses and thousands of new threats via the Internet. This process does not slow down the computer. It can protect the community and the social network.
  • Immunet Free Antivirus is downloadable for free and lightly.
  • It has a friendly and intuitive graphical interface.
  • Blocks automatically blocks dangerous files, websites and applications
  • Helps you keep your personal information safe