Download Problems with Google Drive

Download Problems with Google Drive

Download Problems with Google Drive


How to fix Download Problems with Google Drive ?

The failure of downloading seems to be an inevitable symptom when you surf online for many unexpected reasons. As a result, downloading a file from Google Drive may fail with the following message: Failed – Network error.

“Sorry, you can not view or download this file at this time, this is an error message that you may receive when trying to upload files to Google Drive.”

The explanation of the error message is simple: Although users are free to share files in public or with a large number of users, quotas limit availability. If too many users view or download a file, it can be locked for a period of 24 hours before resetting the quota. The period during which a file is locked may be shorter depending on Google. If a file is particularly popular, it may take several days or more before you can download it to your computer or place it on your hard drive.

Download Problems with Google Drive

Methods to Solve Download Error

Simple tips to fix Chrome will not download files 

  • Make sure your Internet connection is working normally. Troubleshoot Internet stability issues if the connection is unstable
  • Try downloading the file later
  • Contact the site owner

There, on the linked page, you can find more ‘error messages’ related to this problem by downloading files with Chrome, such as Chrome Network Failed, blocked download, no file, failed virus scan, full disk, insufficient permissions, busy system requires authorization or is prohibited. All these errors are responsible for the impossibility for Chrome to download files.

Method 1:  Download on another browser

Most users think they can not download files from Google Drive with the Google Chrome browser. If you can exclude the possibility of error for your download function on your device, then you can try downloading files to other browsers.

Method 2: Disable Extensions

Select the incognito mode on your browser. Then, you can immediately turn off extensions to download your files from Google Drive if the error notification no longer appears.You can find the extensions via Customize and Control (Google Chrome button at the top right)> Other tools> Extensions.

Download Problems with Google Drive

Method 3: Suspend the Antivirus Software and the Firewall

You are supposed to shut down the firewall and antivirus software on your device. In this way, you can determine if the firewall and antivirus are shutting down the network and denying you the ability to download files from a Google error.

Method 4: Place the files in a folder

Or simply, Google Drive refuses your download because you download separately and individually your files. It is also possible to upload your files successfully by placing them in a folder before.