Email error 550

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Email error 550

Email error 550

This blog explains the error of email 550 and how to correct them with the manual approach. If you receive the error message 550 when the outgoing server (SMTP) does not know you as an authorized user, the sending of mail is rejected or returned. In this blog, we will discuss what error 550 is? What are the reasons for this error and how to fix this error? So let's start without wasting time.

Error Causes

There are multiple reasons for this error message including:

  • The email address was typed incorrectly
  • Incorrect SMTP Server settings
  • ISP placing restrictions for outgoing mails on the email server
  • System infected by virus or malware

Solution to fix Email error 550

Method 1: Double-check for typos inside the email address

As mentioned above, the first reason for this error is that the recipient's email address is incorrect. With this in mind, check the recipient field again (AT) and make sure that the address you typed / pasted is correct. Make sure there is no space and keep in mind that the username part of the email address is case-sensitive. It is also possible that the people who gave you the email have hurt you or hurt you.

Method 2: Ask the recipient to turn down their firewall

Another possible scenario is where the recipient's firewall prevents your email from reaching its inbox. This is a little tricky because you will not see a different status code if this scenario is applicable.

Of course, if you encounter this error by contacting an unknown person or sending e-mails en masse, this will not apply, but if you know it personally, you can ask it to temporarily disable Firewall protection.Some third-party firewalls will have a separate anti-spam feature that will automatically handle e-mail messages considered to be spam. If this scenario is applicable to the recipient, persuade him (or do it yourself) to disable the spam filter.

Once the recipient has processed the firewall / spam filter, resend the email and see if the SMTP 500 error is still returned.If you still get the same error code, go to the next method below.

Method 3: Verifying if the server IP or Domain is blacklisted

It is possible that the server IP or the domain you are using to send the e-mails is blacklisted by a spam filter. Some email systems are known to automatically reject emails from blacklisted domains and IP addresses with status code 550. Fortunately, there is a simple way to check if this scenario is applicable to your current situation. You can use a tool that will test the IP address of your mail server on more than 100 DNS-based blacklists (real-time blacklist, DNSBL, RBL). Here is a quick guide on how to identify the IP address of your mail server and check if it has been blacklisted:

  1. Visit this link (here), type your email domain, and click MX Lookup to start a scan. This will help us to discover the IP address of our mail server.
  2. Once you have successfully discovered the IP address of your email domain, copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Visit this tool (here) and paste the IP address that you previously retrieved, then click Blacklist Check. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a list of known blacklists. Scroll down to make sure your address is not blacklisted. IP address of the blacklist

4.If you find that the IP address of your domain name is on the blacklist of one of the lists, it is almost a fact that you can not send the email because of an anti-spam filter

If this survey reveals that your email domain or IP address is blacklisted, try using a different email address to send the email.