Epson Error Code 0x10

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Epson Error Code 0x10

Epson Error Code 0x10

Technology has given us several gifts in the form of gadgets, one of which is a printer. Making copies in the past was monotonous and you can now do it in minutes. There are various alternatives on the market, but Epson has captured all segments. However, problems are inevitable and no gadget is perfect. In some Epson models like the WF-3640, you may experience an error code problem of 0x10. This is due to a faulty scanner segment in the printer when the system is stuck in performing the scan function. When you encounter this error, a message appears with the text "Error 0x10 Epson WF-3640".

Epson Error Code 0x10

Causes Of Epson Error Code 0x10

We note all the possible reasons behind Epson Error Code 0x10. Take a look:

  • Some particles may get stuck inside the printer and cause this error. As a result, it blocks the scanning mechanism.
  • The blocking of the analysis head or a failure of the logic board can also give rise to this error code.
  • In most cases, an internal or hardware failure may be the real cause of the Epson error code 0x10.
  • The scan may fail due to a faulty scanner and, therefore, this error code will reappear.
  • Incompatible or damaged printer drivers are another cause of this problem.

As you have got an idea behind the possible causes of this error, we can move forward with the respective solutions.

Methods To Fix  Epson Error Code 0x10

Check the methods mentioned below and try them out to fix this issue.

Method 1: Perform a physical inspection of the printer

First, lift the scanner cover and look for paper, dust, or other particles. If you find unwanted particles, pick them up carefully. Otherwise, it could have fatal effects on your printer's scanner. Then restart the printer and if you continue to receive this error code, you must reset the printer.

Method 2: Reset the printer

Disconnect the Epson printer from the power source and wait a few minutes. Press and hold the printer power button for at least one minute. After that, reconnect the printer to the power source. Then restart your printer and scan a document. If the scan fails, it appears that the Epson error code 0x10 of the Epson scanner is not resolved.

Method 3: Change the Printer driver

If this error is occurring due to an incompatible or faulty printer driver, then change the driver.

  1. To replace the driver, at first, turn on both the computer and the printer.
  2. Set your computer to automatically download the driver software.
  3. Search your Windows for installation settings and then select ‘Change device installation settings.’
  4. Click the ‘Yes’ button and save the changes.
  5. Connect your printer to your computer and let Windows search for a compatible driver.
  6. If Windows find such a driver, then it will automatically download and install it on your PC.

Method 4: Internal or hardware fault

Various tools are available on the Internet to solve internal or hardware problems. You can download and use them simply to fix the Epson error code 0x10. However, if you are not sure of the reliability of these tools, you can contact with Epson technology experts.