Error 102 Quickbooks Mac

Error 102 Quickbooks Mac

Error 102 Quickbooks Mac


QuickBooks is a leading accounting software that ensures the efficient operation of small, medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and accountants. It streamlines work and spreads growth and efficiency. Although it is an advanced software, you may sometimes end up with errors that will hinder the workflow. One of these errors is “QuickBooks Error 102”, which occurs when there are technical problems, maintenance work is in progress, the problem of data transfer between the bank’s website and QuickBooks Online. To resolve the online QuickBooks 102 error, perform the following steps.

Possible Causes of QuickBooks Error 102

1. Accurate Account details

You can try logging in to the bank account URL specified by the bank. If you can not connect to your bank, follow the steps below. See the details below when adding your bank accounts to download and correct transactions in QB Online. Error 102 Online QuickBooks may occur because you were unable to log in to your bank. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the menu in the left corner and select the “Banking” option.
  2. If you are connecting to a bank for the first time, you must search for your bank name.
  3. If you are linked to a bank, click on “Add Account” and look for your bank name.
  4. Select your bank from the list
  5. For the bank website, enter your “User ID / Login ID” and your password.
  6. Select the “continue” option

If necessary, perform the “added security verification steps” and select “Connect”. Select the bank symbol to the left of your account and connect it from the drop-down menu. You must choose your “bank type or credit card account”. If you do not have an existing account, you will see the “Add + New” option to create a new account. Once you have joined your account, QuickBooks will download online transactions for the last 90 days as well as your banking and cc transactions.

  • Click “Connect”
  • Once the download is finished, you will be automatically transferred to the banking page.

2. Check Account Information or notifications

Once you have entered / logged in successfully, you can check any messages, notifications or warnings that may have been received from your bank. By reading them, you will know what is the problem causing QuickBooks Error 102. In addition, you can easily view the summary, history, and transactions of your account.

3. Bank action

If QuickBooks Error 102 online is still not resolved at this point, you have to wait for a while for the bank to work on it. This can be the scenario that it is a technical problem on their part and they are trying to fix the problem with your server. Wait at least 24 hours before performing other steps.

4. Ensure that your account is “Not new” to the bank.

QuickBooks Error 102 also appears if your account is new to the bank or your credit card. In some cases, the “new accounts” do not work with online banking. Analyze if this is the problem and contact the bank or credit card company accordingly for the problem.