Error code 3170 Outlook for Mac

Error code 3170 Outlook for Mac

Error code 3170 Outlook for Mac


The Mac operating system is the most popular, dynamic, and reliable operating system used by millions of users. The Mac Outlook software serves as a desktop client to establish the communication channel. Sometimes the user may encounter error code 3170 from Mac Outlook 2011 when sending emails. This error is usually associated with Outlook database corruption or malicious files found in emails. Thus, Outlook limits the sending of emails if malicious content is found in emails or in attached files. This error must be resolved in order to use Outlook features on the system without interruption.

Error code 3170 Outlook for Mac

Symptoms of Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 3170

  • Slow system performance
  • System sticking situation
  • Screen freezing with black or gray screen
  • Unable to access MS Outlook 2011
  • Opening of irrelevant applications automatically
  • Complete system failure

Causes of Error 3170 in Outlook 2011

Mac Outlook generates error code 3170 mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. Registry Pile-up:The registry entry accumulates when a new program is installed on the old one, without uninstalling the previous one. The stacked register generates error code 3170 and disrupts the operation of the system.
  2. Malicious Software: Malware such as spyware, viruses, adware on the system, or its associated files can cause Outlook to fail and display error code 3170.

Steps to Troubleshoot Mac Error Code 3170 in Outlook 2011

The 3170 Mac Outlook 2011 error can be easily corrected by following simple and easy-to-follow manual instructions. The following steps must be performed by users:

  1. The first thing to do is simply to make sure your internet connection is well configured
  2. Now, users are invited to uninstall the newly installed software.
  3. Work with the antivirus software to scan the device, which will also help you solve various virus problems.
  4. According to the team of professional experts, it is necessary to repair the Outlook 2011 database.
  5. Finally, simply reinstall Outlook 2011 on the operating system of your Mac. Here, your problems are completely solved.
  6. Conclusion drawn

The article dealt entirely with solutions for error code 3170 for Mac Outlook 2011. The symptoms described above are very simple and easy to deal with. We have reviewed the guidelines in the manual above to provide users with a brief understanding of the procedure so that they can easily overcome this problem.