Error code 3259 Outlook for Mac

Error code 3259 Outlook for Mac

Error code 3259 Outlook for Mac


MS Outlook 2011 is one of the important applications specifically designed for the Mac system. It’s the same as for Windows Outlook, but it only works on the Mac platform. Otherwise, all features are similar to the Outlook version of Windows. This is actually the upgraded version of Entourage 2008 launched before the launch of Outlook 2011.

In this blog, we will discuss a problem that would occur when using Outlook 2011. One of the most common errors is the 3259 error when sending e-mails via Outlook 2011. You will learn how to troubleshoot Mac Outlook 2011 3259 error code? In order to get rid of the Error Code 3259 entourage, this blog contains both automatic and manual solution, so apply one as per your needs.

Cause of the error 3259

In the Mac Outlook e-mail client, the 3259 error occurs because of an incorrect configuration of the POP3 settings of the Mac Outlook user account. The error occurs primarily when performing a send operation with Outlook 2011. This can cause a server timeout condition that limits the flow of email between the client and the server.

How to Resolve the Error 3259?

The following steps to resolve the 3259 error encountered when sending an email in Outlook 2011 are as follows:

  1. First, we need to make sure that connectivity with the Web is successful.
  2. The user can provide connectivity by connecting to any web application using the correct login information, ie username and password.
  3. After verifying the correct web connectivity, we can reconfigure the POP3 settings of our Mac Outlook account. To configure the settings, we will follow the procedure shown below.
  4. Open Outlook e-mail application
  5. Select the MSN or account by clicking the Tools button.
  6. In the Incoming Server Zone, type
  7. Change the port number to 995
  8. Similarly, in the outgoing server box, type
  9. Change the port number to 587
  10. Now, after the changes, click More Options.
  11. In the Authentication tab, select Use Incoming Server Information.
  12. Exit the application.
  13. Restart Outlook and perform the send / receive again.