Error Code 941 in Play Store

Error Code 941 in Play Store

Error Code 941 in Play Store


The error code 941 causes an interruption when updating applications in the Google Play Android store. To resolve or fix error 941, we will need to delete the data and clear the cache of the application causing the problem. Follow the instructions below to get rid of 941 error code on Android.

How to fix error 941 from Play Store:

Repairing it is not a big problem. Just a few steps to fix it. Anyway, here are the methods –

  1. Clear the cache and data:

This is the first step to correct error 941. You can clear the cache and data. Then try to update the application again. It hope you will succeed. Anyway, to do it –

  • Go to Settings> Applications.
  • Find the app and tap it.
  • Now tap Clear data. Then tap Clear cache.
  • Again, do it for the Google Play Store App. Before doing so, do not forget to force him to stop.
  • Now close everything and try to update the application again. I hope this will fix the 941 error on your Android phone.

If that does not work, you can follow the next method.

  1. Using a different network to fix error 941:

In 99% of cases, this game store can be corrected first by applying the first method. Bu, if you still have the problem, It would like to try different network. It mean, you can try different Wi-Fi or cellular networks. If you are using a virtual private network, disable it, and try again. It hope this will solve error 941.

  1. Reinstalling the application:

It found online that some users could solve this problem by reinstalling the problematic application. But before doing so, It recommend you to backup your apk file. Because, in some cases, this error code 941 appears during the installation of the application.

  1. Last steps:

Sometimes adding a Google Account can fix Google Play Store errors. So, you can delete your account. Then, clear the cache of your phone. Then restart it and add the Google Account again. Then see if you still have the annoying 941 error. If the problem persists, you can reset your phone to fix the problem.