Error e04 Canon Printer

Error e04 Canon Printer

Error e04 Canon Printer



Canon E04 error messages appear when a Canon Pixma inkjet printer encounters difficulties in recognizing one or more cartridges. The official Canon text describing the error is “The FINE Cartridge can not be recognized”. However, these messages may also appear when using refilled or refurbished Canon ink cartridges that do not carry the “FINE” Canon mark. This does not mean, however, that you need to use a new Canon cartridge in your printer, but your printer can not identify the cartridge installed as compatible.

Error e04 Canon Printer

In fact, Canon printers use a series of gold-colored contacts on the front of the cartridge, which is the only point of contact with the cartridge. If these contacts are covered with dirt, ink or natural oils from your hands, the message will be displayed. Whatever the case, it was suggested by Canon’s customer support team that this problem was easily solved. So, here, this article will guide you through some basic troubleshooting steps on the E04 Canon Printer error. So just try the steps below to solve the problem quickly.

Causes of error e04 canon printer

  • This kind of error code occurs when Printer device is recognising one or more of the ink cartridges inside it.
  • The cartridge may not be inserted appropriately into Device.
  • Excess ink or dirt on one of the cartridges which could prevent the printing machine from being able to read it effectively.
  • If you trying to use a re-manufactured cartridge.

Steps To Remove Error E04 Canon printer?

Step 1: – Remove the cartridge

First, you must remove the cartridge from your Canon printer.

Step 2: – Turn off the printer

Turn off the printer using the buttons on the body of the Canon printer. Make sure you do not need to turn it off at the outlet.

Step 3: – Check the cartridge label

Now, you will need to recheck the cartridge label to make sure that the correct cartridge is installed on your Canon printer.

Step 4: – Clean Contacts

Next, you will need to wipe / clean the contacts on the front of the cartridge using a piece of paper towel or a clean piece of clothing that should not contain any fibrous tissue.

Step 5: – Turn on the printer

Then press the power button on the Canon printer to turn it back on.

Step 6: – Reinstall the cartridge

Now reinstall the cartridge, make sure it is replaced in the correct color / black section of the cradle.

I hope your problem is solved after following all the steps above. If the problem does not work, you can contact experts to resolve it immediately. A team of experienced and skilled technical support experts is always available to help you. This ensures that you will get effective solutions to any type of Canon printer problem in no time. Therefore, contact us now by chat and get support and comprehensive services in the event of unexpected Canon printers.