Error install Asus smart gesture


Error install Asus smart gesture


The Asus Smart Gesture driver is a small utility under Windows 10. This utility aims to control the functionality of the touchpad, which also includes smart gestures. Unfortunately, by default it is not included in the Windows 10 installer. But do not worry, this guide on the “Asus Smart gesture Windows 10 download” will show you how to install the Asus Touchpad driver. for Windows 10.

Error install Asus smart gesture

Ways to fix ASUS Smart Gesture Issues

Solution 1: Check ASUS TouchPad Design

All ASUS touchpads are designed in two types: ClickPad without left / right buttons and SmartPad with left / right buttons. On the official ASUS website, it has been clarified that the ASUS Smart Touch Point only supports ClickPad design. You must identify the type of touchpad you are using. Normally, if you’re using a ChromeBook or ZenBook, it will support ASUS Smart Gesture. The image above represents two different types of ASUS laptop touchpad. So, if you use Smartpad, you can not use ASUS Smart Gesture. And even if you install it in these laptops, the Smart Gesture will do nothing.

Solution 2: Use ShortCut to Open ASUS Smart Gesture

If your ASUS Smart Gesture does not respond when you touch the finger (s) on it, the touch pad function may be disabled. So you can reactivate it. Under ASUS Notebook, press FN + F9 to enable ASUS Smart Gesture to work properly. At first you need to know how to activate ASUS Smart Gesture if it is disabled by accident?

Solution 3: Check ASUS Smart Gesture Settings

If you connect a USB or wireless mouse to a laptop and the mouse detection in ASUS Smart Gesture is set to disable TouchPad, ASUS Smart Gesture may stop working. So, if you want to use the mouse and Smart Gesture, you should uncheck it.

  1. Open ASUS Smart Gesture and choose the Mouse Detection tab.
  2. Clear the Disable Touch Pad When Mouse On check box.

Now, even if you plug a mouse into the notebook, you can also use ASUS Smart Gesture to do it all.

Solution 4: Reset ASUS Smart Gesture

Maybe the ASUS Smart Gesture job failed appears due to incorrect settings, and you can fix it by resetting Smart Gesture.

  1. Open ASUS Smart Gesture. You can type its name in the search box next to the Start menu.
  2. On the Gesture tab, click Set All Default. All Smart Gesture settings will return to default values.
  3. Click Apply and OK. Restart your computer. Then you will find that the problem is solved. And you can move the cursor with your finger when it touches the TouchPad.