Error installing ios 12.1.2

error installing ios 12.1.2

Error installing ios 12.1.2


Aimed at making your iPhone and iPad experience more responsive, faster, and more enjoyable, iOS 12 is coming to the public today with some great features such as Memoji, Measure, and Screen Time. However, when installing the new iOS 12 update, some people got an error saying “Can not install the update. An error occurred while installing iOS 12 “. And the latest updated version of iOS 12.1 also has this problem. If you are experiencing this problem as well, how can you solve this problem? Now follow this tutorial and get 6 simple tips to fix this iOS 12 / 12.1 installation error on your iPhone iPad.

error installing ios 12.1.2

Fix “An Error Occurred Installing iOS 12/12.1”

Solution 1: Remove and Download the iOS Update Again

You can also try to remove and download the iOS 12 / 12.1 update again.

1.You just have to go to Settings> General> iPhone Storage

2.Find the iOS 12 / 12.1 update in the list> tap it and tap Remove update.

3.Then go to Settings> General> Software Update and download the latest iOS update.

After removing the old iOS 12 / 12.1 installer and re-downloading, you may be able to get the new update.

Solution 2: Check Network Settings

It is likely that your network settings have the following problem: “Unable to install the update. An error occurred while installing iOS 12 / 12.1 “. Check your network settings and make sure the cellular network is enabled. You can reset your network settings in Settings> General> Reset Network Settings on the “Reset” tab.

Solution 3: Update iOS 12/12.1 with iTunes

If you can not install iOS 12 / 12.1 over the air, you can update your device to iOS 12 / 12.1 via iTunes. Run iTunes> connect your device to iTunes via a USB cable> click on your device> Summary> Check for Updates> Download and Update.

Solution 4: Disable Low Power Mode.

Many users feel obliged to restart their iPhone or iPad in this situation, but what will happen if the restart of the device still does not work? Some users suggest that it is helpful to turn off the low power mode and reboot the device.

Solution: 5 Check Storage on iPhone/iPad

Your iPhone / iPad may not be able to install iOS 12 / 12.1 due to insufficient storage on the device. You can go to Settings> Storage> iPhone Storage to check your available storage and free up space for iOS 12 / 12.1.