Error When Installing Adobe Air

Error When Installing Adobe Air

Error When Installing Adobe Air

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When you install your AIR application, the installation fails with the error below. The error dialog is a generic installation failure message that may occur for various reasons. One of them is due to a failure to validate the signature.


Error When Installing Adobe Air


Possible reasons for this error here they are

  1. The application or its folder / files still exist in the system.
  2. The system clock of the computer is incorrect.
  3. Multiple Instances / Instances of Adobe AIR Runtime.
  4. Adobe AIR is not updated.
  5. Antivirus blocks the installation file.

To correct this error, follow the steps below in the same order

Solution 1:The application or its folder / files still exist in the system.

Sometimes the application may not be properly uninstalled. Or the folder or application files still exist in the system. TO REPAIR:

  • Uninstall the application if it is already installed on your system. Go to Applications (Mac OS) and Programs (Windows), and then uninstall Putler.
  • Make sure that the "Putler" application folder does not exist (under Windows, for example, c: \ Program Files or c: \ Program Files (x86) OR on Mac OS, in the Applications folder). If it exists, delete it or rename it.
  • Empty Recycle Bin (Mac OS) or Recycle Bin (Windows).

Solution 2: Computer’s system clock is incorrect

Often, we do not notice that the system date / time of our computer is not set correctly. Having a system date / time that is too old or future can trigger this error.TO REPAIR:

  • Check that the system clock of your computer is correct.
  • Correct the date / time if it is not set to the current date / time.

Solution 3: Multiple installations / instances of Adobe AIR Runtime.

Maintaining multiple instances of Adobe AIR on your system may be causing this error.TO REPAIR:

  • Verify that you have multiple instances (previous installations) of the Adobe AIR runtime on your system.
  • Go to Applications (Mac OS) or Add / Remove Programs (Windows) and remove / uninstall previous instances of Adobe AIR, if applicable.

Solution 4: Adobe AIR Runtime is not updated. Adobe publishes updates for Adobe AIR Runtime very often.

As a result, you may have not updated Adobe AIR Runtime to the latest version. TO REPAIR:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe AIR runtime.
  • If it is not, install the latest version from here: Adobe AIR

Solution 5: Antivirus blocks the installation file.

It is also possible that the antivirus is blocking some installer files (EXE and AIR), which may explain the error message "The installation file is corrupted". TO REPAIR:

  • Access the control panel of your antivirus.
  • Temporarily disable the antivirus for a few minutes.
  • Install Putler by running the installation file. He should not show you the error message now.
  • Once Putler is installed, enable the antivirus.


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