Google Play Error 492

Google Play Error 492

Google Play Error 492


The Google Play Store allows us to download and enjoy all kinds of applications. However, various errors also occur from time to time, which is quite embarrassing. Now, you have just encountered error 492 when trying to update the application. You definitely want to fix this 492 error as soon as possible and you are on the right page. Here, in this guide, we collect 6 solutions to correct the error. Let’s go.

Reasons for the Google Play Error 492

Before beginning to correct the error, first check the causes you may want to know. Typically, Google Play Error 492 occurs when a user tries to update or download apps. And here are four reasons why this problem occurs.

  • Problem The problem of cache files.
  • Problem with the application itself.
  • ProblemYour gaming store account problem.
  • Card SD card corrupted.

Google Play Error 492

How to Fix Google Play Error 492

Solution 1. Restart Your Device

It’s a simple way to try when you have a phone problem.

Solution 2. Clear the Data and Cache

  1. Go to Settings> Applications / Application Manager> All.
  2. Find out Google Play Store> Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  3. Repeat the same process for Google Play services.

Solution 3. Reinstall the App

If you download the app for the first time, you can stop the download> close the Google Play Store and also quit it> open the Play Store again to reinstall the app.

If you are trying to update an application, you can press the OK option to close the error dialog> uninstall application> reinstall it completely from the beginning.

Solution 4. Re-Add Your Google Account

  1. Go to Settings> Accounts> Google Account.
  2. Choose Delete Account> Re-enter your Google Account.

Solution 5. Reinstall Google Play Store Updates

Go to Settings> Applications or App Manager> Google Play Store> Tap Uninstall Updates> Tap OK to confirm> Go to the Home screen and open Google Play Store and wait for the update.

Solution 6. Format SD Card

If the application on your SD card tells you the error 492, it is very likely that your SD card is corrupted. Then you can choose to format your SD card to fix error 492, but remember to save your important data on the SD card beforehand.

  1. Go to Settings> Storage> SD Card Option.
  2. Choose SD card or Format SD card> Confirm erase.