Google play error 505 fix

Google play error 505

Google play error 505 fix


If you receive the error code 505 when downloading an application from the Google Play Store and you do not know what, then this article is for you. In this article, we cover the reasons for the appearance of the Google Play Error 505. We also offer 6 solutions to fix the error code 505. Generally, this error is visible with the version of Android 5.0 Lollipop and occurs at the moment. when you try to install the already downloaded application, it is difficult to execute.

Such an error is a kind of permission error. In other words, if you have two similar types of applications, such as banking applications, and both looking for a similar authorization type, cause a conflict error called error 505. The probability of occurrence is more related to old systems. operating system, 4 KitKat, Android version 4. Then let’s continue to know more about this error 505.

Google play error 505

Causes of Google Play Store Error 505?

  • The application you are trying to install or update is incompatible with the version of your Android operating system. This is why so many users encounter the 505 error after updating to Marshmallow / Nougat or flashing a new custom ROM.
  • There are two or more applications with duplicate permissions on your device. For example, the application you are trying to install already contains an old APK file in your / data / app folder before installation.
  • There are conflicting applications on your device.
  • The obsolete caches and data collisions trigger the 505 error on your device.
  • Your Google Account has sync issues with your Android device.

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 505

Solution 1: Restart Your Device

Press and hold the power button, and then tap the Restart option. This is a simple method that you can always try when you have a problem with Android.

Solution 2: Check Download Manager

Go to Settings> Applications / Application Manager> Tap All> Tap Download Manager> Tap Enable to allow the device to start the download / install process.

Solution 3: Clean Data and Cache

Go to Settings> Applications / Application Manager> Tap Google Play Store> Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. Repeat the same process for Google Play services.

Solution 4: Update Date and Time

Settings> Date & Time> Uncheck the Automatic Date & Time and Auto Time Zone> Manually Set the Wrong Date & Time> Go to the Home screen, then return to Settings to set the correct date and check also Automatic date and time and Automatic time. zoned.

Solution 5: Remount SD Card

Settings> Storage> Disassembling the SD card> Removing the SD card from your device> Reinsert the SD card after a few seconds.

Solution 6: Reinstall Google Play Store Updates

Select Settings> Applications / App manager> Google Play store> tap Uninstall updates> Press OK to confirm> Go to home screen> Open Google Play Store and wait for the update.