Google play install error 504

Google play install error 504

Google play install error 504


We guess many Android users have suffered from this annoying problem when updating or downloading the app on the Google Play Store, with the message “Can not install the application”: “XXX “Can not be installed. Try again and if the problem persists, get help for troubleshooting (error code: -504) or an unknown error when installing the application: “- 504”.

Technically, the Google Play 504 error is a gateway timeout error and is typically associated with slower Internet connections or mobile data networks. The most common and simplest method is to put your Android devices in Airplane mode and then disable them. If this does not work for you, do not worry and you can try the following tips to fix this Google Play 504 error.

Google play install error 504

What causes Google Play Store Error 504?

Google Play Store Error 504 typically occurs when trying to download mobile apps from the Play Store. This can also happen when trying to update the current version of the mobile app. This error is associated with slower Internet connections or poor mobile data networks. The 504 error can also occur due to the use of unwanted applications. Incomplete installation, incomplete uninstallation, incorrect removal of the application can also cause such errors. Such corrupted files lead to wrongly linking the files necessary for the proper functioning of the application.

How to solve Error 504 in Google Play

Although there is no exact solution to this, you can follow the instructions below to remove the 504 error from Google Play Store.

Method 1: Clear Google Play data and cache

  1. Go to Settings> Applications and open the list with all your applications.
  2. Find and tap Google Play Store
  3. Press Clear data and clear the cache
  4. Repeat the previous two steps for Google Service Framework.
  5. Refer to the Play Store and try to install any application, to see if the fix has worked

Method 2: Remove your Gmail account

  1. Go to Settings> Accounts> Google and delete your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Settings> Apps> All and find the Google Play Store and tap it.
  3. Clear the data and cache for the application, then force shutdown
  4. Repeat the above two steps for Google Service Framework and Download Manager.
  5. Go to Settings> Accounts> Google and add your Gmail account again
  6. Restart your phone and perform the initial setup.
  7. Go to the Play Store and see if the error reoccurs when you try to download an application.

Method 3: Try using a VPN

  1. Because you’re experiencing error 504 from the Google Play Store, you can try loading the .apk file laterally for a VPN service.
  2. Open the application and select the United States as the country of connection.
  3. Press connect
  4. Open Google Play Store and download an app.