Google play store update error 921

Google play store update error 921

Google play store update error 921


When updating or installing the Play Store app, get error code 921 on your Android phone or tablet. You can see this message: “The application” could not be downloaded due to an error. (921) during the installation of the application on your Android device and you can see the error message “Unknown error code when installing the application:” 921 “. It’s easy to fix error 921 from Google Play Store on an Android device.

This type of error occurs mainly on WhatsApp, Instagram, Subway Surfer, Keyboard, Apex Launcher, etc. Another common error to type 103 error, RPC error S-7: AEC: 0, error 501, error 492 and more. Let’s see step by step possible solutions to correct the error 921 from the Google Play Store on Android tablets and phones.

Google play store update error 921

How To Solve “Error Code 921” In Google Play Store

  1. Clear Cache To Help Solve Error Code 921:

This is the first step and the easiest solution to follow immediately if the 921 error appears on your device when installing an app from the Play Store. Many applications do it for you. If you have not already installed it in your device, you can also try this. Go to Settings -> App Manager -> Google Play Store App and you’ll find a data deletion option that should be: clicked on and a pop-up window will appear asking if “Clear cached data”. This step can resolve the error code 921 in your Android device if that does not solve the problem, follow the next step.How to resolve error code 921 for the game store

2.Clear Application Data From Play Store App:

Clearing the data from the Play Store app will delete the data and settings stored in the Play Store, which could solve the problem if clearing the cache was not enough. To clear data from Android devices, you need to follow the following steps: Settings -> App Manager -> Google Play Store App -> Clear Data.How to Get Rid of Error Code 921 for Game Store

  1. Remove Account Details:

If the two upper steps do not solve your problem with error code 921, you must follow this step, which will solve the problem. Select System Settings -> Account -> Google -> Select your Google Account -> Touch the Menu button in the upper right corner of the page -> Select “Delete Account”.