How to Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?

How to Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?

How to Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?


An invalid gateway error 502 means that the web server you connected to is acting as a proxy to relay information from another server, but that it has received an incorrect response from that other server.

How to Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error?

This is a 502 error because it is the HTTP status code that the Web server uses to describe this type of error. These wrong answers could be due to a number of different causes.

Cause of 502 incorrect gateway errors 

  1. Server Fails: The gateway receives a negative result if the target server has completely failed. This may be due to a system crash.
  2. The domain name can not be resolved: the domain name does not resolve to the correct IP or IP. It is important to note that DNS changes can take the same amount of time until they are globally propagated and active. It depends on the lifetime, defined by recording.
  3. Web server overload: If a web server reaches its limit, it can no longer respond to any requests. The gateway then provides the 502 Bad Gateway status code.
  4. Request to block the firewall: Firewalls can cause errors on both sides of the communication (server and client) when forwarding requests.
  5. Browser error: Browser extensions can sometimes cause errors in the display of a website and generate a 502 error

Methods to solve  Fix HTTP 502 Bad Gateway Error

Method 1 : Reload

If you can not immediately connect to a service because of a faulty 502 gateway, you only have to wait about half a minute before attempting to reconnect to the site or server.Use CTrl-F5 to reload the page because it will bypass the cache and ask the browser to retrieve all the files from the Web server in question. This also resolves all caching issues on the local machine.Reloading the site or server can solve the problem if it is a temporary problem.

Method 2 : Network errors

Routing issues, DNS issues, and ISP-related issues can also trigger the 502 Bad Gateway error. Problems with your home network equipment may cause your browser to think that there are problems with online servers, even if there are none.

Method 3 : Incorrect configuration of the firewall

By monitoring network traffic, a firewall acts as gatekeeper deciding which traffic is safe and which traffic can be malicious. It blocks all potentially harmful traffic. In some cases, especially for users using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), automatic firewalls can generate false positive results and prevent critical traffic from passing.

Method 4 : Server software deadlines

The 502 Bad Gateway error can also be triggered when a Web server takes too long to process the request, allowing a caching tool to reach its timeout values.

Method 5 : Try another browser

It is possible that 502 Bad Gateway will occur in a particular browser. In this case, you should try another browser and see if the error persists. You can choose to browse Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox.