How to reset Chromecast

How to reset Chromecast

How to reset Chromecast


Most of the time, you do not need to reset Chromecast at the factory (factory reset). The device will update when connected to the Internet. This is rarely a problem. But in the following two scenarios, you will probably have to reset Chromecast: You change wireless router. Chromecast can only remember one network. If you have changed your router, you can either restart the configuration (you can follow this Chromecast installation guide) if the old network is not in range, or simply reset Chromecast. Chromecast hangs or hangs You can try unplugging the USB power cable, and then check if Chromecast is working after reconnecting the cable. However, if this does not work or if Chromecast crashes frequently, it is a good idea to reset Chromecast (factory reset) before calling Google technical support or resending the device.

How to reset Chromecast (factory data reset)?

It is quite simple to factory reset Chromecast. There are two ways to factory reset Chromecast. 

Method 1: Use the button on Chromecast to reset Chromecast

Press and hold the button (located next to the micro USB port) on your Chromecast for at least 25 seconds or until the steady light begins to blink. Then, disconnect the USB power cable. Wait a few seconds. Reconnect the USB cable. This will reset to factory Chromecast (factory reset).

Because there is only one button on Chromecast, you will not miss it.

How to reset Chromecast

Method 2:  Using Chromecast App in your devices to reset Chromecast

This method only applies if you can still connect to Chromecast from your device (for example, an Android phone or tablet).

Sometimes, if Chromecast just hangs and you can not connect to it from your device, then you must use method 1 mentioned above to reset Chromecast.

To reset Chromecast, you need to start the Chromecast app on your device, find and connect to it. Once connected, press the menu button, you will see information about this Chromecast dongle

You can press “Reset Chromecast” to reset Chromecast. (Sometimes you can also restart Chromecast by pressing “Restart Chromecast”).

Once you reset Chromecast, all your old network settings will be erased. You must reconnect to the wireless router by following the Chromecast manual.