How to use Google Analytics to improve SEO

How to use Google Analytics to improve SEO

How to use Google Analytics to improve SEO


Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Analytics provides a way to integrate Google Search Console with your Google Analytics data. And it’s great because you can now combine the measures of these two tools. The first thing to do is to add Google Search Console to your Google Analytics account. Before you can do this, you need a Google Search Console account that you can easily set up with our plugin. If you have an account, go to the Admin section of Google Analytics at the property level and search for All Products in the Product Links section. The video below explains how to establish the connection.

Once logged in, it takes a bit of time to see the real data from the Google Search Console in your Google Analytics reports. But when there is data, there is magic! You will find this magic under Acquisition. The Google Search Console section contains landing pages, queries, countries, and devices.

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How to Install Google Analytics on Your Website

There are several ways to install Google Analytics on your website, but the first step is to create an account and register your website with Analytics.

  • Go to Google Analytics and click on the “Start Free” button in the upper right corner.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, and then configure a property. A property is the website that you will use to add the crawl code.
  • Then your tracking ID and your code will be shown to you. This is the code you need to add to your website.

Where to add your analytics tracking code?

The code must be placed in the <head> </ head> of each page of your website.

Most modern content management systems have this built-in option, so the only thing to do is copy / paste the code into the appropriate section.

If you are on WordPress, there are many plugins to help you enjoy the Monster information.

Here are some benefits of using Google Analytics during an optimization campaign:

  1. It’s completely free

Despite the fact that it is a free tool, it offers as many features, if not more, compared to other paid tools.

  1. Able to know how your visitors are locating your website

In addition to the group of keywords that you optimize, you will also have the opportunity to discover the other keywords that your visitors enter to discover your website. During the initial optimization campaign, the amount of keywords could be close to zero. However, over time, you will start having more keywords on natural publications, thanks to your overall optimization effort.

  1. Able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most

You will have the opportunity to know which pages and links are famous and to determine if your optimization campaign guides traffic to the right pages.

  1. Segmentation of visitors

With this you will have the opportunity to know how many new visitors your search engine optimization campaign brings you. You can segment your bottom line based on new / existing visitors, topography and sources of sponsorship.

  1. Able to refine your website

Thanks to this analytical report, you will have the opportunity to adjust your website and do other editorial work on any page that does not change very well. Finally, this will bring you better quality prospects and, in doing so, will increase the number of customers in the near future.