HP Error Code 303

HP Error Code 303

HP Error Code 303


The HP printer has so many errors in the HP printer or there are some HP 303 error code errors, called “303 Smart Test Code,” which typically result from bad sectors, hard drive problems , startup problems, etc. Hard disk virus problems that occur when users work with HP printers.So, if you find such errors on your PC with the exact information shown below on the machine screen, immediately back up the failed hard drive and choose the best solution to upgrade the hard drive with a new drive. hard or SSD. The error occurs when your laptop is heavily hit by an object or has fallen to the ground or you are trying to restart the system but you are experiencing this error code.

HP Error Code 303

HP is recognized worldwide for its high quality products. One such type of product manufactured by HP is its printers. Although HP offers printers with the latest technology and features, users may experience technical issues such as error code 303 and so on. with these high-end devices. In this article, we will discuss methods for correcting error code 303 on the HP computer.

What are the causes of a 303 hard drive and HP Printer error?

A 303 hard drive error occurs for several reasons. Here are some of the reasons that cause a 301 hard drive error.

  • Failed to check SMART hard drive
  • IDE / SATA controller chip broken in the motherboard
  • unexpected stop
  • Physical damage to the hard drive§ BIOS out of date or misconfigured
  • virus attacks

Steps to correct error code 303 on the HP computer:

(Note: we will introduce more than one solution method, you can continue to try the methods until the problem is not resolved).

Method 1: Enable and Disable an HP Printer:

The first basic step that we try to resolve most errors in Printer is simply trying to activate and activate it. To turn off the printer, press the power button on your printer. The printer may take up to 60 seconds to shut down properly.When the printer is successfully shut down, press the power button again to turn it back on. If this method seems to work for you, then all the better! Otherwise, try the other methods listed below.

Method 2: Eliminate your paper jam

The second method to correct error code 303 on the HP computer is to clear the paper jam. To begin the process, you should carefully look for loose paper and, if necessary, remove it. Then you can open the printer cover and clear the jammed paper. Finally, close the hood and see if the problem has been solved!Method 3: Make sure the cart is moving freely.This method is the last and the most advanced. We recommend that you follow it carefully. Since this is a long procedure, we will list it in points.Disconnect the power cable from the back of your HP printer. Open your access doorClose the cartridge latch by removing it completely Before proceeding, you must make sure that the cart can move freely.If you find rubbish in the transport path, remove them completely.Finally, close the access door of the cartridge Connect the cables and turn on your printer. The problem should now be solved!

Some other solutions to solve HP  303 Error Code

Solution 1: Remove bad sector problems from hard disks

If the hard drive sectors are defective, problems may occur because the smart drive program is installed there. It is therefore advisable to check the hard disk correctly to see if there are any bad points or damage to the tray inside the hard disk. This is necessary because the hardware is completely defective and part of the disk tray is damaged. In addition, it is possible that the disk is dead and that it needs here an immediate replacement of the disk. 

Solution 2: Purchase a new hard drive

Obtain a new drive to start the computer in safe mode by pressing the F8 button. Copy all your files from the hard drive to a new drive. If this is difficult, purchase a replacement hard drive and load the system drive into the CD-ROM drive so you can easily boot from it. Turn off the computer and place the old drive correctly to set the jumper in slave mode. Start the device and copy all the required hard disk 

Solution 3: Remove virus issues

The error can also occur due to virus problems. So, here, you have to delete it with the software to help solve the error problems. Start the device and press the F8 key repeatedly until the boot menu appears. Then select the “Safe Mode with Networking” icon. 

We hope that the methods described above have helped you troubleshoot error code 303 on the HP computer.