HP Laptop Cooling Fan Not Working

HP Laptop Cooling Fan Not Working

HP Laptop Cooling Fan Not Working


The processor fan is the fan installed on the processor, which is used to cool the processor, preventing it from heating up or damaging it. Every time you start your computer, you may hear noise from the processor or the case fan. If the processor fan stops working, the processor may overheat and even be damaged. However, the processor fan does not work is a common problem, which occurs frequently on desktops and laptops. Laptop fans play an important role in cooling the internal workings of your computer. They suck the heat from the motherboard and the processor and blow out the hot air – much like a radiator fan blows hot air out of the car’s engine. Overheating of your computer may cause malfunctions and damage to important components, which may result in costly repairs.

Methods to Resolve HP Laptop Fan Error

Step 1

If you notice that the system fan is blowing hot air, first try to clear the outside vents. Remove dust by blowing air through the ventilation openings. Perform this task when your system is completely shut down. You must keep the laptop in a clean place, as dust builds up inside and limits heat dissipation. Once the dust is removed, check if the fan continues to make noise. If you have trouble with your system fan, go to the next step.

Step 2

Another method is to perform a hard reset. It resets the thermal values ​​in memory and allows you to reuse the system. Although access to the laptop may be shorter, you can save important files if you need to use a service. To perform the hard reset process, you must use a hard reset to resolve hardware and software issues.

 Step 3

In some cases, you can resolve the HP Notebook Cooling Fan Error 90b by updating the BIOS. This could avoid this error.

Step 4

If your laptop has already been repaired, the original fan may have been removed. Therefore, be careful not to use local suppliers who may fool you. The reason for not cooling can be the use of refurbished parts that do not work properly.