Hp laptop error 651

Hp laptop error 651

Hp laptop error 651


You may have encountered HP 651 error on your computer. To fix error code 651, you must follow the blog or connect with technicians because you are a Windows user because of the installation of the operating system. One of the common problems faced by many Windows users, especially in the case of Windows 7 users. Before following the steps of the blog, let’s first see when this error occurs and what causes it in HP Laptop. Common error windows usually occur when we try to establish an Internet connection using PPPoE connections. The reason for the occurrence of error code 651 is listed below:

  • The system file is not saved in the wrong location
  • Error registry error
  • IP address conflict

In case of a 651 error, this is due to the modem or other connection device connected to the Internet, which reported an error and usually has the title “Internet failed.” The connection failed with error 651 “. So, how to solve this error? This is an official solution to fix error code 651, but there are also some common troubleshooting methods that will work for you and many other users. You will be able to choose among the most effective solutions that will help you to solve the error code 651.

Hp laptop error 651

Why does the error 651 occur?

  • Error 651 is a common mistake for Windows users. This happens when we try to connect via a PPPoE connection. PPPoE stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet and remotely connects multiple PC users over an Ethernet LAN.
  • The 651 error occurs for various reasons, such as incorrect Internet and IP configuration or a network adapter driver problem. Although you may not be able to locate the exact cause of this problem, you can try the following methods to solve the problem and solve it step by step.

Here are Steps to Troubleshoot HP Error Code 651:

Step 1: Reconnect Your Router or Other Connecting Device

One of the simplest troubleshooting steps is to resolve the error by reconnecting the Internet Connection Device. So, if you are using the router, simply turn off your router and turn it on after 5 minutes or, if you are using a LAN connection, disconnect the wire and reconnect it.

Step 2: Reset TCP/IP on Your PC or laptop

To reset the Windows network stack, you can resolve error 651. Fortunately, Windows 8/7 / Vista comes with an integrated tool that you can use for that. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the command prompt with an administrative right.
  2. Copy the command given below and press Enter
  3. netsh int ip reset reset.log
  4. Restart your computer and hope that the problem will be solved.

Step 3: Recreating Dial Up Connection

In case your Internet connection device could be hanged during the connection. So, recreate your switched connection, which can actually fix the 651 error and the problem. So just right-click on your remote or broadband connection and select create a copy and delete your existing connection. Are you confused? Follow the step by step guide given below.

  1. Open the Network and Sharing Center on the system and click Change Adapter Settings.
  2. Now right-click on your broadband or dial-up connection and select Create Copy.
  3. Create a copy of your existing connection.
  4. Now, delete your old connection and recompose the new connection.

Step 4: Disable Auto Tuning Feature

If you use a router, this method is the one that suits you best. Follow the steps below to disable the auto tuning function.

  1. Start the command prompt with administrative rights.
  2. Copy the command below and paste it into the command prompt.
  3. netsh interface tcp set global autotuning = disabled
  4. Now try to restart / reconnect your Internet connection.