Hulu Loading Error Xbox One

Hulu Loading Error Xbox One

Hulu Loading Error Xbox One


Hulu offers a decent range of live and on-demand video. With this in mind, Windows 10 Xbox One allows you to stream media content using this application. But many users face a Hulu loading error that prevents you from enjoying its content. The problem usually occurs for a variety of reasons, including a poor or inconsistent data connection. So, to solve this problem of Hulu streaming on Xbox One, you can try the solutions below.

How to Fix Hulu Loading Error on Xbox One

Solution 1: Reinstall Hulu

Removing the program and installing again can resolve this error. To do this, the steps are as follows:

  1. Disconnect from the Hulu app.
  2. Select the app’s thumbnail and highlight it.
  3. From the controller, press the Menu button and select the Manage application option.
  4. Following, click Internal and go to the Uninstall button.

Here is how you can Hulu will be removed from the device. To install it again, navigate to the right and select the Hulu option. It will be reinstalled again.

Solution 2: Check Language and Location

Hulu is primarily created for the United States, Japan and its overseas territories. As a result, annoyances with location and language settings can sometimes cause a Hulu loading error. You must ensure that the language and location must be the United States. To benefit, the guideline is:

  1. Launch the Hulu app and go to the main menu. Select the Settings option and proceed with the intention of selecting System.
  2. Select the Location option and then choose the U.S option. 3.You may want to read How to change the default language in Windows 10.

Solution 3: Connect Router directly

Using a wireless connection can also sometimes be a reason. Therefore, try to connect the Xbox One directly to your router. Assuming you are streaming over Wi-Fi, connect the Xbox One via an Ethernet cable.

Solution 4: Clean the Cache and Power Off

Cache scrambling could also be responsible for the Hulu loading error. So you have to flush the cache regularly and follow the steps below to complete the task correctly.

  1. There is an Xbox light button on the console. Press it for 10 seconds until it stops blinking and turns off completely.
  2. Remove the modem, router, Xbox and other related accessories. Wait about 60 seconds. Plug in any loose objects and try using Hulu again for streaming.

Solution 5: Update Hulu app or Browser version

An outdated application may cause a loading error in Hulu. Therefore, if you have problems with this application, you must update it immediately. In addition, if you use Hulu in the browser, you must also update it.

  1. Usually, most browsers send an alert message to install the latest update while they are connected to the Internet. You can update by confirming the message.
  2. In case of using the Hulu app, visit the Microsoft Store and download the update.