Immunet Offline Install

Immunet Offline Install

Immunet Offline Install


Download Immunet Offline Installer

Download Immunet Offline Installer, It is very convenient to install this software on your windows / other devices such as mobile devices / PC / Ipad, etc. Download its exe file from our website, double-click it and let the software make changes on your PC, a new window will open to start the installation process.

The program is generally compatible with Windows operating systems. Check the list below to see if your operating system has been specifically tested with Immunet. Antivirus supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions of these operating systems. In addition, an active Internet connection is required to ensure the most recent threat detection.

Immunet Offline Install


The free immunet download is actually adapted to existing antivirus to help you better defend anyone. Include an extra layer, easily transportable, safely and free of charge. The current technology of collective immunity protects all clients at the same time that the virus is actually detected on a computer. The main quality of this cloud-based protection device lies in the fact that it is highly dependent on the immune zone, which is gaining new entrants every day.

Relevant information collected about online dangers from the cloud as well as the community has been designed to protect your computer system against viruses. The interface is logical and also includes three columns that allow you to access the Immunet area (displays the table and notices from the neighborhood community), view the defense review, and also access the environments of the community. objects. The “Personal Computer” column allows you to view the conclusion of the activity, access the quarantine and start a new check. You have the choice of three verification options. The ‘Flash Scan’ simply checks the operating procedures, while the ‘Full Scan’ inspects the entire personal computer for potential threats. In addition, you can analyze user-defined locations using the “Custom Scan” option.

Steps to Immunet offline installer

  1. You must click Next to start the installation process. It will now ask you for the path where the software must be installed, a default C drive (system drive) on which the software will be installed.
  2. If you have available space on device C, just click Next to begin the installation process. Otherwise, you can choose any other drive for any reason, such as memory / space or for any reason, and let it start the installation.
  3. Installation on your device takes a few moments and is ready to be used as the software is installed.
  4. Installation on devices with operating system, which supports Stores, allows them to install the software very easily.
  5. Name of the simple store search software>> Install>> Open>> Done.

Features of Immunet offline installer

  • Fast, real-time online security with the Immunet cloud
  • Community level security
  • Basic detection with removal of robots, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, key loggers, as well as spyware.
  • Fundamental network analysis including rapid analysis, on-demand analysis, as well as
  • Access to digitization
  • Document control with security. Analyze personal data, exclude data, analyze compressed data,
  • Quarantine the data affected by the virus
  • Clear documentation using history with report logging
  • Community Forums
  • Suitable for existing antivirus software to obtain an extra layer safely.