Trend Micro Internet Security Download



Trend Micro Internet Security Download

Trend Micro Internet Security is all-round security software that aims to prevent viruses, spyware and malware before they even reach your computer or laptop. Trend Micro Internet Security interface is comparatively somewhat attractive – it’s clean and easy to see the various choices. Its main window shows you the current status of system, highlighting any problem areas, while individual areas are clearly marked into Security Summary, Parental Controls and Subscription. These are all contained in a small interface, which several users will appreciate. Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security comes with a good help file and contains number of settings that create using it more comfortable: auto-update, the facility to view history logs and password protection, etc. However, it doesn’t have many options, and compares pretty poorly to other similar products, lacking a lot of the minor features. 

Features in Trend Micro Internet Security include:  

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware 
  • Anti-spam 
  • Email safety scan 
  • Two-way firewall 
  • It has website authentication 
  • Provides Home network protection 
  • It includes parental controls and filtering 

Pros of  Trend Micro Internet Security

  • Trend Micro Internet Security provides Real-time protection 
  • It has Good scheduling options 
  • Provide Auto-shutdown 
  • It has Firewall booster 


How to download Trend Micro Internet Security?  

1. Get Started : 

Before downloading Trend Micro Internet Security, you will first need Trend Micro Downloader for smooth installation 

2.  Just click “Run” : 

If asked whether you want to run or save a file, click the “Run” button.  If a window like the one shown did not appear, click here to download the product manually. 

3. Begin downloading Trend Micro Internet Security : 

After you confirm that your computer meets the installation requirements, downloading the Trend Micro Internet Security installation program will begin downloading.  You can recover from interruptions by clicking the Download icon on your desktop.  After you finish downloading the software, the setting of Trend Micro Internet Security will be automatically started.