iPhone Activation Error

iPhone Activation Error

iPhone Activation Error



The activation error of the iPhone rarely occurs, but seems so frustrating that it is. This usually happens when you have recently restored from a backup via iTunes and you need to reconfigure the iPhone. Or can also happen to a newly purchased iPhone and will not be activated. This error activating the iPhone is a sign that communication with Apple’s servers has a problem.

Possible reasons for iPhone Activation Error

A number of causes could prevent the activation of your iPhone. Knowing the causes of the error is the first step to solve it effectively. Some of the causes of the iPhone activation error are:

In fact, iPhone activation errors are usually due to these causes.

  • The activation service is overloaded and unavailable when you request it.
  • Your current SIM card is not working properly or you have not inserted your SIM card into your iPhone yet.
  • Once you have reset your iPhone, the default settings have been slightly changed, which causes the iPhone to be in error and prevents it from activating.

Solutions for iPhone Activation Error

Solution 1: Wait and try again

If you encounter this error for the first time, it is recommended to wait a bit. Sometimes Apple servers are very busy and processing of the activation request may take longer than usual. Wait a few minutes, then try again. If the iPhone is still not enabled, remove your SIM card from the tray and reinsert it before proceeding with the activation process.

Solution 2: To restart

Restarting your iPhone will be one of the simplest ways to try to correct the error. Although this does not guarantee the smooth running of your activation, it is likely to happen. To restart the iPhone X, you must hold down the side button and either volume button until the cursor appears. Then you have to slide the slider to completely turn off your iPhone X. * When your iPhone turns off, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

 Solution 3: Check the network connection

Enabling your iPhone via the wireless network connection is better than using your cellular data because, aside from the lower cost, the speed is also better. Activate your wireless network by going to Settings> Wi-Fi> to activate it. Test to see if the activation warning still appears. If you’re already using Wi-Fi when the iPhone activation error has occurred, try another wireless connection to see if the problem persists.

 Solution 4: Restore via iTunes

If the above steps still do not work, try restoring your iPhone via iTunes. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable and launch iTunes. Make sure to connect the mobile phone, your iTunes must already be updated. After launching iTunes, turn on the iPhone and it will automatically detect and then ask you to restore the device. After the restore process, activate the iPhone.Note: You may lose iPhone data by performing this step. Ideal if you have already created backups.