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iphone Error 1035

iPhone error 1035

What is iPhone/iTunes error 1035?

The iPhone 1035 or iTunes 1035 error is a voicemail error experienced by most users when updating or setting up the voicemail greeting on their iOS devices. When this error occurs, you can not use voicemail on your iPhone. The iTunes 1035 error is fundamentally related to the problem with the mobile network (operator). The solution differs from one mobile operator to another. Here in this article we will present the most popular solutions to eliminate this annoying problem. With these solutions, you can fix the error 1035 of your iPhone and use your visual voicemail again.iTunes error 1035

How to fix iPhone error 1035?

Unlike other devices, Apple products can cause a lot of problems. The unit stops working or does not start at all. Is your iPhone defective? Then your worry is over, here are some troubleshooting tips to quickly resolve the Apple iPhone 1035 error.

Solution 1: Setup iPhone Voicemail

  1. First, turn off the wifi of your iPhone
  2. Now, tap the dialer icon
  3. Pressing the '1' key
  4. Next, enter the password and try to access voicemail.
  5. Press the "*" key
  6. Now, press "3" to access the wish menu
  7. Set your password
  8. Then, restart your phone
  9. The error will be solved

Solution 2: Change or Reset Network Settings

Error 1035 related to voicemail is most likely to occur because of the wrong network. Resetting network settings will restore network connectivity to its correct state, providing increased exposure to the cellular network. Check the following instructions to reset the network settings.

  1. Go to the setting
  2. Click on General
  3. Now, go to Reset
  4. Click Reset Network Settings
  5. After that, restart the iPhone
  6. Check if it works well or not

Solution 3: Fix the Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is an option that connects you with the cellular signal that allows you to make calls. Most of the time, we maintain airplane mode to use the cellular signal and connectivity. In case of connectivity problem, go to "Settings" and activate the "Airplane Mode". After waiting a few seconds, deactivate the "Airplane Mode" again. Now go back to voicemail and see if the error has been resolved or not. The 1035 Apple I Phone error is not a big deal and can be corrected by setting up voicemail and resetting network settings.

If none of the above instructions work, do not worry, because we have highly professional technical specialists who work 24 hours a day continuously and only to offer you the best solution. Therefore, chat with iPhone customer support without any confusion and make contact with technical specialists instead of getting lost here and there. They know how to deal with your obstacle because they have immense years of experience in the same field.