iphone Error Black Screen

iphone Error Black Screen

iphone Error Black Screen


The iphone Error Black Screen is a common problem, but it can be a big problem because you can not access the iPhone in any way. Sometimes, even when someone calls, you hear the phone ring but the screen stays black and you can not answer the phone. Sometimes your iPhone gets stuck on a black screen after updating the iOS firmware. This issue also affects users who update their iPhone to iOS 12. This article explains the causes of the black screen of the iPhone and offers solutions to solve this problem too common.

Causes of iPhone Black Screen

There are many reasons why your iPhone screen suddenly turns black. One of the possible reasons could be material damage due to improper screen replacement, defective displays, a device crash or water damage. Sometimes the problem may be due to a software issue that may be caused by firmware changes that have not gone as planned, system failure, jailbreaking, and so on. Here are the most effective way to solve the problem. You can try this even when your device is running iOS 12.

Five Troubleshooting steps

  • Drained Battery
  • Crashed App
  • Force restart your iPhone to fix iPhone black screen of death
  • Restore iPhone in iTunes
  • Hardware fault

Solutions to solve iphone Error Black Screen

Method 1: Drained battery
One of the reasons why your iPhone is stuck on a black screen may be due to the discharged battery. Connect your iPhone to an AC adapter, then press the “Home” button. Wait a few minutes until the icon appears.

Method 2: Crashed Application

If the screen went black just after launching a particular application, it is this application that is causing the problem. To fix the black death screen, quickly press the ‘Home’ button twice, then swipe left or right to see a list of recent apps. Slide your finger on this app to close it, then press the ‘Home’ button again to return to the Home screen. Now, launch this app to check if the problem is solved or not. If the problem repeats, contact the developer of the application (Apple Support).

Method 3: Force restart your iPhone

Follow these steps to force restart your iPhone to fix the issue:

  1. For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the power button and volume for a few seconds until the Apple icon appears.
  2. For other iOS devices: Press the Power and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds until the logo appears.
  3. After rebooting, the black screen will disappear.

Method 4: Restore your iPhone via iTunes

You can restore your iPhone to the factory settings via iTunes, but this could erase all data. If you have a backup, then you are well advised to use iPhone data recovery software to recover lost data after the reset. Follow these steps to reset your iPhone:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the system and launch iTunes.
  2. Head to Summary and click Restore iPhone
  3. Proceed by clicking Restore. iTunes will fix the death error of the black screen of the iPhone but will also erase its data.iphone Error Black Screen

Method 5: Contact Apple Store

If all the methods mentioned above have not corrected the black screen of death, it is probably a hardware problem. A hardware fault is beyond solving your problem, so bring your iPhone to Apple for warranty.

Reminder: These 5 methods can correct the black screen of death, but you could lose all your data. If you have not saved your data, you can use Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. A tool specially designed to recover your lost data from your iOS, iTunes and iCloud device backup.

Once the black screen error is corrected, launch this tool and retrieve your data in 4 simple steps.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your system and launch the software.
  2. Select the appropriate option (Retrieve iPhone, Retrieve iTunes Backup, Retrieve iCloud Backup, and Import File to iPhone).
  3. Analysis and analysis of the connected device
  4. Preview the files and save them to the location of your choice