iTunes Error 14


iTunes Error 14



The iTunes Error 14 is a common problem that many iPhone / iPad / iPod users are currently facing. Also known as itunes Error 14, the error appears when users attempt to upgrade their iOS device to the latest version, iOS 12. iTunes Error 14 stops the process by stopping the update during the process or by interrupting the system restore process. Possible reasons for error 14 on the iPhone are: ·

  • An incompatible or faulty USB key that interrupts the proper connectivity.
  • Unstable wireless connectivity preventing proper Internet connection and possibly updating the software.
  • An old version of iTunes
  • Insufficient storage preventing proper space allocation for the firmware
  • A virus in iTunes

When you try to update or restore your iPhone using iTunes, you may encounter error code 14. This particular problem is probably due to a faulty USB cable, but it may also be due to other hardware issues. The following is a list of troubleshooting steps that you should perform when you encounter this error message.

iTunes Error 14

How to Fix iTunes Error 14 ?

Use an original Apple USB cord to connect your phone to the computer. Connect your phone to another USB port on your computer. Try to use another computer.

If the problem persists, perform the additional troubleshooting steps listed below. Test the connection after performing each of the steps listed below. ·

  • Disconnect your device and reconnect it.
  • Check whether the cable connection to the device or computer is loose or disconnected.
  • Check that the device is not connected to a third-party battery, a box, a USB hub, or your keyboard. Connect your device directly to one of the USB ports on your computer.
  • Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Get the latest version of iTunes.
  • Check for software updates.
  • Disconnect all other USB devices from your computer except the keyboard and mouse. Then reconnect your iOS device. If the problem is resolved, reconnect the other USB devices one after the other. Make sure your iOS device is always recognized by the computer after adding each device.
  • Check that the date, time, and time zone are set correctly on your computer.
  • Connect using an administrator account and not a guest account.

If you have any concerns regarding your iPhone feel free to contact us using chat. Apple will provide you with technical support regarding the issue you are facing with your device. Just make sure to provide as much detail as possible so that we can make an accurate diagnosis.