iTunes Error 26



ITunes Error 26, also known as iPhone Error 26, usually occurs during an iTunes restore or update via iTunes. The iTunes 26 error may have several reasons, such as an incorrect hardware or network connection, an obsolete iTunes version, or any third-party software installed on your system. We bring you here the best solutions to fix the error of restoring the iPhone.

iTunes Error 26

Causes of iTunes Error 26

  • The proxy failed to connect to the web server
  • SSL connection failed
  • Windows update error
  • SQL server error issue
  • SQL network interfaces
  • Locating server instance specified visual studio
  • Client unable to establish the connection
  • Locating server/instance specified solutions
  • iPhone Device iTunes problem

How to Fix iTunes Error 26?

Solution 1: Check your hardware and network connections

The iTunes Error 26 is usually due to hardware issues. Therefore, before you start troubleshooting, make sure all hardware and network connection are working properly. Things to check: §

  • The cable and USB port of the iPhone are properly connected
  • The network connection is secure and reliable. You can also try with another network.
  • Use an Apple USB port and a certified cable
  • The USB cable is properly connected to the computer
  • The USB port is not damaged. Try another USB port

Solution 2: Update to the latest version of iTunes

ITunes updates fix existing bugs. If the error 26 of the iPhone during the restore is due to an older version of iTunes, installing the latest version can correct the error.

How to update iTunes with the latest version?

For Windows users: Launch iTunes on your PC. In the menu bar, click Help> Check for Updates and follow the instructions provided to update to the latest version. Once the update is complete, restart your computer and check if the iTunes Error 26 is corrected.

For Mac users: Launch iTunes on Mac. In the menu bar, go to iTunes> Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions to update iTunes. Then restart your computer and check if the problem of error 26 is fixed.

Solution 3: Disable your third-party software

Any third-party application or security software installed on your computer may prevent iTunes from connecting to Apple servers, resulting in iTunes Error 26 when you try to restore the iPhone through iTunes. Disable the third-party software, if any, to correct the error.

To disable the antivirus on your system: In the lower right corner of the screen, right-click the antivirus icon and disable it.

Solution 4: Disable the proxy server

It can be a proxy server that breaks iTunes when connecting to update servers, generating iTunes Error 26. Try to disable it once.

To disable the proxy server:

  1. Go to Start Window and type the msonfig search box. Press Enter
  2. Click Services in the System Configuration dialog box.
  3. Select the Hide all Microsoft services at the bottom check box.
  4. Follow it by clicking Disable All> Apply> OK> RestartSolution

5: Reset your iPhone Resetting factory settings is a solution to most iPhone errors, including iTunes Error 26.

Before resetting to factory settings, back up your iPhone data because would result in a complete loss of data from the iPhone. To restore the factory settings, proceed as follows: Settings> General> Reset> Clear all content and settings. Then enter your password and click Clear iPhone.