iTunes Error 4014


iTunes Error 4014


What is iTunes Error 4014 ?

When you try to upgrade, downgrade, and restore iOS devices through iTunes, you may encounter iTunes errors and the iTunes 4014 error is just one of them. Similar to iTunes error 4013, iTunes error 4014 occurs for reasons such as poor internet connection, insufficient iDevice storage. There are various solutions that work for different people. So we’ve summarized them to fix iTunes error 4014.

iTunes Error 4014

Causes of iTunes error 4014

  • Damaged lightening port or cable- When the cable or port is damaged, it is obvious that you may experience such an error. The hardware can receive a notification of the problem and it starts to display the 4014 error of the iPhone.
  • Less memory space – When there is less space on your phone, you may also experience such an iTunes error. As a general rule, when upgrading your phone, the low memory indication is displayed and such a 4014 error occurs.
  • Connectivity issue – If there is a problem with the internet connection, this can also be one of the reasons that may cause the iPhone 4014 error. This is almost similar to the problem that you are trying to upgrade your device but you do not have a better network connection, so such an iTunes error occurs.
  • Bad iTunes Installed – When iTunes is not properly installed or a setup is incorrectly done, it is obvious that the iPhone error has been detected. When you connect your device to a PC, a pop-up window appears saying “Can not restore the iPhone. An unknown error occurred (4014).

How to Fix iTunes Error 4014 ?

  1. Update iTunes to The Latest Version. To fix iTunes error 4014, it’s worth trying to update iTunes.update iTune
  2. Make sure you have access to a good internet connection.If there is a bad internet connection, iTunes can not connect to the Apple server and download the firmware. You can check the Internet connection by opening another website on your computer.
  3. Disconnect additional USB devices and check the USB cable.Please connect only your iDevice, mouse and keyboard to your computer and make sure your USB cable is working properly.
  4. Clean your iDevice. The iTunes 4014 error is one of the reasons for the lack of memory. If you experience the iTunes 4014 error, you may need to clean iDevice with an iDevice cleanup tool.
  5. Restart the iPhone and the computer. This method may seem simple. However, restarting the iPhone and the computer may stop the programs causing the iTunes 4014 error.
  6. Run Recovery Mode.Turn off your iDevice, and then open iTunes. Connect the iDevice to the computer, press the Home and Sleep / Wake buttons for a few seconds. Release the power button, then you should be able to receive a “Connect to iTunes” notification. At this point, your iDevice is detected in recovery mode by iTunes. Try to back up and restore the data and see if you still get the iTunes 4014 error. If all methods fail, please contact Apple specialists. It is an expensive but sensible choice.