iTunes Error 45054


iTunes Error 45054


You see an error 45054 in iTunes on your Mac, then an iTunes could not connect to the Store and you will feel helpless at that time. Don’t worry! We have technical staff who have hands of experience in handling your hurdle which is nasty and complicated. They can effortlessly Fix Apple iTunes Error 45054 within a limited time period. You might get an error message “Mac device cannot be synced” in your iTunes.

iTunes Error 45054

Causes Of Getting iTunes Error 45054

Following are the reasons due to which such type of error is being encountered by you. Have a glimpse at once:

  • Due to corruption downloaded or installation process of iTunes software is not completed properly
  • Because of corruption in Windows registry
  • Virus or malware infection that has corrupted Windows system files or iTunes related program files
  • Another important program might be deleted by maliciously or mistakenly

Avoid all the above related causes otherwise you may encounter an iTunes error 45054.

How to Fix iTunes Error 45054 ?

Part 1. On a Mac

Step 1- Quit iTunes (if it’s open).

Step 2- Go > Go to Folder. Input “/Users/Shared/adi” and press Go.

iTunes Error 45054

Step 3- If you see Shared folder exists, and you find the adi folder, drag the adi folder to the Trash and open iTunes to make a purchase.

Tip: If you don’t see a Shared folder, you can try these steps: Run Terminal > Input sudo mkdir -p / Users/Shared/ and press Return > Input you Mac password and press Return > Type sudo chmod 1777 / Users/Shared in the Terminal window and press Return > Quit Terminal.

Warning: After opening Terminal, the next step requires you to enter commands in Terminal to modify permission settings. If you’re unfamiliar with Terminal and UNIX-like environments, be cautious. If you enter incorrect commands, you might lose data, or your system software might become unusable.

Part 2. On a PC

If you are a Windows user, here are the steps of how to fix iTunes error 45054 on Windows.

Step 1- Also quit iTunes.

Step 2- Press the Windows key or Control (Ctrl) and Escape (Esc) keys on your keyboard.

Step 3- In the search box, type “ProgramData”, then press the Enter key.

Step 4-Make sure that the hidden files are visible, if not, you can follow steps below:

Windows 10: View > Hidden items.

Windows 8: View > Options > Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Windows 7: Organize > Folder and search options > Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Step 5- Open the Apple Computer folder, then the iTunes folder.

Step 6- Delete the SC Info folder and the adi folder.

Step 7- Restart your computer, then run iTunes again and try to make a purchase.