iTunes Error 5507

iTunes Error 5507

iTunes Error 5507


When you try to share at home, but you encounter a message saying “Home sharing could not be enabled because an error occurred (iTunes Error 5507)”. Solve the 5507 iTunes Home Sharing error by trying to un-authorize and re-authorize and try to run the firewall while still receiving the same error. As you’ve discovered, problem 5507 is about enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Apple account. When you try to turn on iTunes Home Sharing, you may need to sign in to your Apple account, which will cause a 2FA code to appear on your phone. However, there was nowhere to grab it on iTunes and you just received the dreaded iTunes Error 5507.

iTunes Error 5507

Causes of iTunes Error 5507

There are several reasons for this specific problem. And among them, the incorrect password is the most common. In addition, other causes may be a network problem, such as Wi-Fi not working or not responding correctly. At the same time, this error can also occur due to 2FA two-factor authentication. However, after determining the exact reason for this error, try to solve it using the following solution.

How to Fix iTunes Error 5507?

iTunes Error 5507

Follow the steps to solve iTunes Error 5507:

Step 1: Disable home sharing on your iDevice

You must disable home sharing on the devices you are currently using.

Step 2: You must now enter the login information.

Wait 2-3 minutes and insert the login ID and password into the required domain, then click the Home Sharing Activation button.

Step 3: Check the display error of the box

You should now notice that the box appears with iTunes Error 5507. If yes, you must proceed to the next step.

Step 4: You must now have the six-digit access code

  • Wait for the six-digit access code to appear on your iPhone.
  • Often, it takes a lot of time to display the message, so you should not panic.

Step 5: Re-enter the Apple login information.

  • Re-enter the Apple Id login information, such as ID and password, with the six-digit code added.

Step 6: Your house sharing is ready to use

You’re done with solving the problem so far. Your home sharing is ready to be shared again and you can start your task without problems.

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