Kodak Printer Error 3513

Kodak Printer Error 3513

Kodak Printer Error 3513



What is Kodak Printer Error 3513?

Kodak is one of the popular printer manufacturers that makes efficient and affordable products for users around the world. Similarly, Kodak printers provide consistent, high-quality printing with a variety of configurations. Despite these good features, he can not solve the problems. Sometimes users encounter Kodak Printer Error 3513 code due to technical issues.

The Kodak Printer Error 3513 code absolutely means an error in the print head. This is one of the biggest mistakes you will have to face. When the Kodak printer’s printhead is not properly attached or detached, this error persists. Similarly, if the printer is not able to recognize the print head, you will receive the message “Missing Print Head Error”. An error message accompanies this annoying printhead error. The error message indicates mainly: “The print head is missing, not installed correctly, or detached”

Causes of Kodak Printer Error Code 3513

The error code of the Kodak printer is explained by some fundamental reasons:

  • Due to a connection error between the print head connection and the cartilage
  • There may be dust or dirt particles in the print head
  • If you use an outdated printer driver
  • The print head may not be installed correctly
  • There may be an error in the ink cartridges
  • If you do not use your printer regularly, a clogging of dry ink on the print head nozzle may cause error code 3513.

Solutions to solve Kodak Printer Error 3513

This error may seem disturbing at first. However, you do not need to worry when the 3513 error code of the Kodak printer appears. This error code is as simple to correct as you might think. With the help of the Kodak blog or printer repair services, you can access the roots of the error.

  1. When this error appears, the first thing to do is to open the access door to the printer.
  2. Now wait for the cartridges until they do not move to the center.
  3. Check whether the print head or ink cartridges are correctly installed in the printer. If not, install them:
  4. Take the print head first in the carriage.
  5. Then, press the print head firmly against the target label until you hear a click.
  6. Install the black and color ink cartridges correctly in the printer.
  7. Remove the print head and ink cartridges, if they are already in the printer.
  8. Remove all color or black ink cartridges.
  9. Remove the print head by lifting the latch in the center of the carriage.
  10. Now, close the access door to the printer.
  11. Now follow the installation process mentioned above to create a Kodak printer with error code 3513.

Whenever the Kodak 3513 error code is included, enter kodak services as soon as possible. Kodak printer support will help you to easily solve these Kodak problems. No matter what time you call them,  24 * 7 supports always help you. Therefore, talk to Kodak Support to get rid of all kinds of Kodak Printer issues.