Kodak Printer Not Grabbing Paper

Kodak Printer Not Grabbing Paper

Kodak Printer Not Grabbing Paper



When we talk about printers, printer manufacturer organizations are many, but Kodak comes to mind because it is the most reliable printer because of its multitasking features and advanced technologies. That’s why most people prefer to use this printer among all printer brands.

On rare occasions, we encounter printer power problems, mainly when low-budget or older printers are used. Typically, the printer is not able to pull the paper or there is a significant delay, while the printer’s rollers seem to be straining to wait for something to “hang on” and the photo paper is loaded in the printer. Such a delay often leads to irregular impressions.

Another common scenario is that the printer rolls are either dirty or worn out for years of use, making them less compatible with the lightest paper. When considering higher weights and particularly art and art photo papers, it is advisable to check the printer specifications.

Kodak Printer Not Grabbing Paper

Paper transport problems on the printer are difficult to solve because a number of factors can prevent an inkjet printer from loading the paper correctly. More often than not, when you start having transport problems, it’s the rollers and you can try to make the rollers work again without tools.

Follow These Steps To Fix Kodak printer not grabbing paper

1. Initially, you need to load the paper into the empty paper tray, reinstall the tray, and press the “OK” button.

2. After that, carefully remove the paper tray from the printer and check the paper type.

3. Always make sure that the specific paper size is not damaged. Sometimes the paper size is not compatible with the paper tray and replaces the paper with a new one.

4. Make sure the papers do not stick to each other if they dry up afterwards.

5.Reload the tray with paper but always be sure not to overload it.

6. Reinstall the tray, and then press to resume printing.

7.Once the process is complete, clean the paper feed rollers properly

While practically following the steps above and dealing with any kind of problem, talk to Kodak’s technical support without any problem. Here, a team of well trained technicians is always happy to help you anytime and anywhere for a satisfactory result without the problem being too long.