Kyocera Printer FS-1370DN Driver

Kyocera Printer FS-1370DN Driver

Kyocera Printer FS-1370DN Driver


The Kyocera FS-1370DN printer is the only one of the three new Kyocera-Mita spring 2010 S / W laser printers. Unlike its two colleagues, the FS-1120D and the FS-1320D, it can be used not only as a pure professional printer, but also as a central printer for small departments or work groups. The use of the printer should be around 2,800 pages per month. However, occasional peak values ​​of up to 50,000 pages per month can also be used with the device.Kyocera Printer FS-1370DN driver

Installing Kyocera Printer FS-1370DN Driver by CD

If you connect this printer to a Windows PC, follow the steps below to install the printer driver. The example shows you how to connect your printer on a Windows Vista computer.Note On Windows, you must be connected with Administrator rights to install the printer driver.You can use express mode or custom mode to install the software.Express mode automatically detects connected printers and installs the required software. Use the custom mode if you want to specify the printer port.and select the software to install

  1. Turn on the computer and start Windows. If the Welcome to Found New Hardware dialog box appears, select Cancel.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM supplied with the printer into the optical drive of the PC. On Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista,the user account control window may appear. Click Allow.The installer is started.Note If the software installation wizard does not launch automatically, open the CD-ROM window on Windows Explore and double-click Setup.exe.
  3. Click View License Agreement and read the license agreement.Click on Accept.
  4. Click Install Software.The software installation wizard starts.From now on, the procedure differs depending on your version of Windows and your connection method. Proceed to the good procedure for your type of connection.
  5. A message indicating that the printer has been installed appears. with success. Click Finish to exit the printer installation wizard and returns the main menu of the CD-ROM. If the device configuration dialog box appears after clicking Finish, you can specify item settings such as optional features installed in the printing system.

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Specifications of Kyocera Printer FS-1370DN Driver

  • Network printer functions
  • 37 PPM speed
  • Maximum monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages per month
  • Resolution Fine Mode 1200 (1200x1200dpi)
  • Fast mode 1200 (1800x750dpi)
  • 750x750dpi
  • 300x300dpi
  • Standard paper feed, 250-sheet drawer, 50-sheet MPT
  • Maximum paper size 8.5 “x 14”
  • Maximum paper weight: 110 lbs- Standard Duplex Duplexing
  • Network connectivity standard