Laptop Hp error 3f0


Laptop Hp error 3f0


There are always computer problems, such as system failure, black or blue screen, system file damage, non-bootable operating system, and so on. By including all these computer-related obstacles, the “Boot Device Not Found” error is very common and always occurs when the system is turned on. The different types of error messages can be written on the computer screen. Check them out:

  • “No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key”
  • “Boot Device Not Found. Please install an operating system on your hard disk
  • “No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine”
  • “No boot device is available”

For example, if you receive one of these error messages on your computer’s operating system after turning it on, establish a connection with the technical geeks to participate in HP Chat. Once you have traded with them, you will get the reliable and effective solution to solve this problem.

And the reasons for error 3F0 are an incorrect boot order in the BIOS, a damaged or dead bootable disk, a damaged MBR or boot sectors on the bootable disk, a problem connecting to the hard disk, infected files . If you have problems with 3F0 Error, you should continue to read this blog. You will definitely get the desired cure for this problem!

Laptop Hp error 3f0

Why boot device not found in HP?

As the scenario says, the boot device is not in the HP notebook. Why would that happen? The boot device not found or no boot device detected means that the operating system can not find the bootable hard disk or boot sector of the hard disk. To correct this error, you must know what the cause is. And we conclude here 4 reasons like the following list:

  1. The hard disk from which you boot is a disk or device that does not boot.
  2. The bootable hard disk is corrupted or has died in one way or another.
  3. The MBR or boot sector is corrupted on the bootable hard disk.
  4. virus attack.

Fix Boot Device Not Found or 3F0 Error

Carefully follow the instructions given below so that you can find exactly the way to fix this bootable device error not found. Take a look at the points below:

1. Perform Hard Reset

A hard reset removes all information from the computer’s memory. This forces the system to make clear connections between the BIOS and the hardware and restore the software.

2. Restore BIOS Default Settings

Open the BIOS Setup screen to do this:

  1. Shut down your laptop or HP computer and wait a few seconds.
  2. Press the power button to start the computer and press and hold the F10 key to enter the BIOS setup menu.
  3. Press F9 to select and load the default settings for the BIOS Setup program.
  4. Press F10 to save and exit
  5. Click the “Yes” button and press “Enter”
  6. Follow the prompts to restart your computer.

3. Test The Hard Drive Using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics

Use HP PC Hardware Diagnostics even if the computer does not startup. Start with the Quick Test which will take just 2 to 3 minutes.