Lenovo Error 1962

Lenovo Error 1962

Lenovo Error 1962


Typically, the Lenovo Error 1962 – No operating system encountered by Lenovo PC users when booting after reboot. And Lenovo users report the error on the official Microsoft page. Well, the error code 1962 appears after installing Windows 10 or installing the latest updates. So, below, check out the possible work solution to fix Lenovo Error 1962. This is the most annoying error and when appears the current program starts to crash, and the performance of the PC become slower. also, before proceeding to the corrections, first check the common causes of the Lenovo Error 1962 in Windows.

Lenovo Error 1962

Causes of Lenovo Error 1962:

  • Due to the faulty hard disk drive
  • The corrupted Windows startup
  • Incorrect BIOS settings can also cause the 1962 error.
  • Due to the startup error

How to Fix Lenovo Error 1962 ?

Solution 1: Replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

As noted, the Lenovo Error 1962 is related to a malfunction of the hard disk drive. Try here to remove the defective hard drive and connect it to another system to access the files and folders, and also confirm if it starts from the hard drive.

However, if the new system fails to recognize and access the hard drive, it is clear that you get the error code 1962- No Operating System due to the defective hard drive and you need to replace it with the new one.

But if the PC detects and accesses the hard drive, the possible cause of the error is a defective SATA cable. The SATA cable connects the hard drive to its motherboard. It is therefore recommended to replace it with a new one.

Well, if you are a technical expert, do it yourself but otherwise, contact the computer engineer.

If the hard drive cable and SATA cable are working properly, try the following steps to correct the 1962 error.

Solution 2: Change Boot Priority in BIOS

Another possible cause of the error 1962 is due to the incorrect setting in the BIOS. So to fix the issue change the boot priority in PC BIOS.

Follow the steps to do so:

  • As the Error 1962: No Operating System Found appears > press and hold the “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” keys > to reboot your PC.
  • When booting press the F12 key several times to launch the BIOS setup as the Setup box appears > hit Enter
  • Then click on the Startup tab > choose CSM > hit Enter key > choose the Enabled
  • Now locate Boot Priority > hit Enter key > Change current option of Legacy First to UEFI First.
  • And hit F10 key > select YES and wait for PC to reboot.

And after restarting the PC, check the PC error 1962 is resolved or not. But if not then the last solution is to perform system restore in safe mode.

Solution 3: Run System Restore in Safe Mode

If the above solutions do not help you fix the Lenovo Error 1962, the last solution is to perform a system restore in safe mode. In safe mode, Windows starts the PC with the base files and the drivers running. So try to restore the system to go back to a certain point before the error message appears at startup. Follow the steps given –

  • Press the power button till the PC shuts down > and hit it again to switch on the machine.
  • Now, move to the Run in Safe Mode option > hit Enter.
  • Go to Start > Type system restore > hit Enter
  • And follow the prompt to go back to certain period
  • Wait for the whole process to complete > reboot your system.