Lenovo Error Code 0135

Lenovo Error Code 0135

Lenovo Error Code 0135

If you have just purchased your Lenovo PC and started up your computer, you must get error code 0135: PU Fan Failure? If this is the case, do not worry, this error is associated with error 0135: fan failure. Or even the error code 0135 often appears even after installing all the update in Lenovo Desktop. There are several reasons for this error, such as a fan failure, the fan stops running, your Lenovo computer is reading my missing inlet fan, the processor fan is not working properly, and so on. Well, here is the blog will guide you very simple steps on how to fix a Lenovo Error 0135 CPU Fan error? Then, simply follow the steps below to quickly fix the Lenovo 0135 error code.

Lenovo Error Code 0135

Solutions to Fix Lenovo Error Code 0135

Solution 1:- Reset the BIOS

You should try to reset the BIOS and check if the issue persists. Below are the steps to do the task for the same.

  • To access the BIOS menu, press “F1” key, until the Lenovo logo appears on the screen while the computer is turned ON.
  • Then to reset the BIOS to its defaults please click on “F9” Key and select YES.
  • Now click on “F10” Key to save the changes that are done in the BIOS, the computer should automatically restart.

Now check if the issue persists, then move to the solution.

Solution 2:- Disconnected and Reconnected the CPU Fan Cable

Connect the processor fan: The processor cooler fan you previously installed will also need to be connected to the motherboard. Due to a failure of the processor fan cable or shutdown, your motherboard displays an error, or the processor overheats quickly and automatically turns off the system. Just like the case fans or the CPU fan speed is controlled by the motherboard. Then you have to check that the fans are connected to the motherboard. If this is not the case, you will need to unplug the processor fan cable and then reconnect it. Next, connect the processor fan to a “CPU_FAN” connector on the motherboard, usually located next to the processor socket. Like other connections, it can only be connected in one direction. This will be either a four-pin or three-pin connector.

Solution 3:-Restart Your Computer

  • Go to your Lenovo computer, and then click on “Start” on the bottom-left corner of the screen or press ‘win’ key on the keyboard.
  • After clicking on “Start” button, find and click the right arrow next to the “Shut down”
  • Then right arrow, choose “Restart”, from the menu that appears.

In case, if the Error Code 0135 persists even after restarting your computer, then its strong suggestion for you to contact Lenovo Technical Support team to get complete solutions & also for further assistance to this problem.