Lenovo Error Code 0162


The Lenovo error code 0162 is usually faced with many users after updating the BIOS on the computer. If you also experience technical problems when booting your Lenovo computer and encounter a warning message and a POST error after updating the BIOS when you perform any of the following on a ThinkCentre A63 system, perform an upgrade from version 5OKT27A or later of the BIOS to version 5OKT28A or later and demote BIOS version 50KT28A or later to version 5OKT27A or earlier. This extremely generic message may indicate a real configuration problem or simply the Lenovo Error Code 0162: Configuration error, which typically occurs during system startup. So, if you encounter exactly the same error code 0162 with / or a warning message on your Lenovo laptop, after updating the BIOS. So do not worry about that. Here, the blog will describe very simple steps to correct the Lenovo Error Code 0162. So just follow the steps below to quickly eliminate the error.

Lenovo Error Code 0162

How To Fix Lenovo Error Code 016 ?

Solution 1:- Reset to Default Values

You should try to reset to their default values to clearing the POST 0162 Error.

Follow these steps:-

  • First, enter BIOS Setup by pressing “F1” key during POST. All BIOS settings have been reset to their default values.
  • Make any changes if necessary.
  • Press “F10” key to save the settings.
  • The POST 0162 Error will be cleared.

Solution 2:- Set up Entry Keys

Another simple solution is to correct the error. Just try restarting the computer and start pressing the “F1” key to begin the setup. In Setup, press “F9” for the default settings and press the “F10” key to save and exit. Your problem will surely be solved. The configuration of the input keys can vary from “F8”, etc.

 Solution 3:- Reset the Special BIOS Setting

The flash operation may complete normally, but all BIOS configuration settings will be lost. If you have special BIOS settings that are not the default settings, you must save them before the BIOS update, and when you finish, reset the BIOS settings. The warning message can be cleared by selecting the “Accept” button on Windows or by entering “A” in DOS mode. After applying all the above solutions, you can easily fix the Lenovo error code 0162.