Lenovo error code 31

Lenovo error code 31

Lenovo error code 31

Lenovo error code 31 usually appears when detecting problems in any device manager and can have a significant impact on your computer. It is therefore recommended to correct the Lenovo error 31 by following the solutions described below.

The Code 31 event error may be simply due to one of the Device Manager error cables preventing Windows from loading Lenovo drivers for the affected hardware device. The Lenovo error code can be displayed in any hardware device in the Device Manager, in the Windows operating system, or in optical drives such as DVD players or CDs.

Lenovo error code 31

Solutions to fix Lenovo Error Code 31

Solution 1: Restart your computer

Sometimes a fragmented boot process blocks the computer system. Therefore, to get rid of it, the user must turn off his computer and restart it again.

Solution 2: Uninstall the device or undo the changes of device manager

Install a device or make changes in device manager which you made earlier leads the occurrence of Lenovo error 31. Hence,

  • By making use of the “system restore”, users can undo the earlier changes of the device manager
  • Now, roll-back the device driver to prior version of update
  • Reconfigure the newly installed device or remove the device will undo the current error.

Note: you can make this solution up by just availing the third-party Lenovo customer care service on the spot.

Solution 3: Deletion of upper/lower filters registry values

Changes to the two original registry values of the DVD / CD-ROM drive class registry key may be the cause of occurrences of Lenovo error 31. Therefore, delete the similar values​in the Windows registry.

Solution 4: Update the device drivers of your computer system
Update the device driver to the latest version. Therefore, upgrade to the currently required features of the Device Driver Manager. Once you encounter obstacles, errors, queries, or real-time issues, you are prompted to press the keys on your keyboard and contact Lenovo Customer Support to connect to a highly certified and recognized Lenovo expert. Once you are in contact with an expert, regardless of the mode of customer service used, such as the online or remote consultation mode, Expert will show you the most reliable Lenovo customer service to date.