Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43

Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43

Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43

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What is Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43 ?

A Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43 firmware error is a very common error on printers. This error occurs even when the printer is idle or not connected to the PC or network. For example, if there is a faulty connection with the network adapter or the internal network adapter, this problem may occur on your printer device. If this error occurs each time you use the printer, you must first turn off the printer regardless of whether you have sent a print job or not. Then, carefully remove all installed options from the printer. This even includes an optional paper tray that comes with extra memory and all other optional network cards.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43

Methods to solve Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.43

Method 1: Test the printer hardware

  1. First, turn off the printer if error code 900 is displayed.
  2. Leave it for at least 1 or 2 minutes to completely empty the memory.
  3. When your Lexmark printer is turned off, you must clear the print jobs that are waiting for the network queue and the computer. In this way, corrupted print jobs can not be returned to the printer / MFP after rebooting.
  4. You can now turn on your printer.
  5. After that, you must check whether the error message is still displayed or not. If so, then you must turn off the printer.
  6. In addition, you must disconnect all communication cables.

Method 2: Test the Printer Software

  1.  Try to send a print job to the printer. When sending a particular print job, if this error occurs or appears when you print using a particular program, there may be a conflict between the software settings.
  2. You must check if the error occurs on a specific computer if there are multiple computers on the same network. If this is the case, then you must check the driver settings for that computer.
  3. But if the Lexmark 900.43 code does not depend on a particular program or computer, it is essential to add one of the connection points or communication cables to your network.
  4. However, if the printer is properly connected to a network, you must connect it to another network port, and then check if the error persists.

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