Mac error code 36

Mac error activating iMessage

Mac error code 36


What is Error code-36?

It’s a kind of rare mistake. You may encounter this error code when you try to copy files to your Mac. It can occur on any Mac operating system, no matter if you have a laptop or desktop. An error appears when you want to copy files or folders to a new location or copy them to an email or other instance. Regardless of the case, this problem will completely stop the process and will not allow you to perform the operation you want. This is not a very common mistake because most users do not copy files regularly, but it can be frustrating in an emergency and copying something important. This mistake will ruin your mind.

Mac error activating iMessage

What Causes It?

Unfortunately, the exact cause of this error is not very clear. I am sure that if you have a long experience in computer science, you will be able to understand it because it is a complex issue that, more simply, relates to the directory of the files and their correct location. Fortunately for you, unlike many error codes, it is not necessary to diagnose the cause because the solution is the same. It’s a good thing because it’s one less thing that worries you.

How to Fix Error Code-36?

Solution 1: Use dot_clean

“Dot_clean” is a simple and effective command-line tool for tackling Mac error code 36 without being frustrated. You can just use it and fix the error. Follow these steps to complete the procedure:

Step 1: Turn on your system first and go to the Terminal using the following path: Application-> Utilities-> Terminal.

Step 2: Now type dot_clean and only one space in the first line of the terminal.

Step 3: Then slide the flash drive, memory card, or file icon into the terminal window. The folder / path / will be generated.

Step 4: Now, just press Enter on your keyboard. This will merge the hidden files with their host files, which will fix the error.

Step 5: Try copying the files now and check if the error is gone.

Solution 2: Check the Shortcomings

Often, some deficiencies, such as lack of permissions, option sharing, or an external support issue, can cause error code-36 in the Mac operating system. If this happens in your case, follow these steps to correct the error.

Step 1: Check the permissions to copy the files into the Finder. Go to the permission and sharing options and set it to “Everyone”. However, before proceeding, make sure your account has read access to these files.


You can take ownership of the particular files you are trying to copy.

After performing any of the above tasks, check to see if you can copy these files now. If you can, give us a helping hand and enjoy it. If you can not, go to step 2.

Step 2: Check if there is a problem on the external media. Also check if all connections are stable.

Step 3: Shut down your computer and start it in safe mode. Now, try to copy your files. If you can copy them now, restart your PC normally. If you can not, also restart your PC normally.

Completed. If this method solved the problem, you can continue copying what you want. If this is not the case, scroll down and take a look at the following method.